Perfect World Frostburn Information

Frostburn’s Mission is to provide a battle-oriented Perfect World server with the latest features and a balanced mid-high rate level of progression. This includes respecting the original intended game experience, but with subtle modifications for balance that make the game more enjoyable for non-playing players.

Overall, the idea is to have a fun server where effort and skill are rewarded.

Before you start your journey with us, Please review our Server Rules!

Below you will find the most important server characteristics, changes, additions, balance and general information.

Female PW character artwork with hyper exp stone

General information

Perfect World Nightshade intro animation
  • Server version: Warfront (1.5.3) which means the full Nightshade classes, Duskblade and Stormbringer, are available to play.

  • Maximum level 105 with two reawakenings

  • Server rates:

    • 100x Exp/SP/Coin.
  • Full PvP: No blue name after level 30. Focus on spontaneous PvP.

  • Active Admin’s, GM’s & Support Members. With years of experience in managing Pw Servers & Game knowledge. Quick Support & Issue resolutions.

  • Professional Development. North American top grade server hosting & Connection with  anti DDoS system. Second access & Login. All connections are TLS encrypted, regular redundant backups and more. Your Characters are safe with us.

NPC Shop

Frostburn Merchant NPC Shop display

Say hello to the Frostburn Merchant (FBM). He has a lot in store for you!

As you can see in the GIF above. All important items from the boutique are available to purchase from here. You will need to pay with coin plus a certain amount of Frostburn Tokens. 

Frostburn Currencies

  • Frostburn Tokens(FBT) : FBT can be farmed in various instances, caves & special automated events or Staff events. They’re the main currency for Frostburn. They can be traded for items at the Frostburn Merchant (FBM) or used in the community to trade players for needed items.
  • Fire Shards (FS): Fire shards are a special drop that can only be farmed on the main world in PvP related areas. This item can be traded directly into Frostburn Tokens at the Frostburn Merchant.
  • Ice Shards (IS): Ice shards are a special drop that only drop in PvE instances. There are specified instances that are PvE enabled. Lorthanis & Momaganon are Blue name activated. You may not be able to kill in these instances, but you do have to watch your Earning Times in the areas as it has been greatly reduced. You require a greater amount of Ice Shards for FBT at the FBM.
  • Blood Shards: Blood Shards are a special drop that drop in PvP related areas along with Fire Shards. Blood Shards do drop upon death! But their trade value is greater at the Frostburn Merchant!

You can see more detailed information about Fire and Ice shards in this forum topic

Unique Title System

Frostburn has its own Unique title system.

Basically any daily quest, automated quest, Automated Events or GM related events will give you special titles.

These titles can be easily farmed, or bought from the players in the community with FBT.

The titles are unique because they will give your character “Stat Bonuses”. (Magic attack, Physical attack, defenses and so on. )

Depending on the rarity of the Title, It will have a different color from the rest. All titles have been made tradeable so you can sell your special title for FBT or other means.

As the server goes through stages, we will add more custom Titles into the game.

Titles are not permanent. They will only last for a certain amount of time! But don’t worry, you can either purchase them again from another player, Or simply head straight into a Event or Instance & get your own!

More information regarding our unique titles will be added as the server enters new phases. This will be updated along with a player guide so you can farm your own titles later on!

Note: These titles are not meant to be confused with “Donation Titles”- Donation Titles yield no stat bonuses, They’re only for cosmetic purposes.

Caves and Dungeons

Perfect World Quicksand Maze and Heavenfall Temple pan
  • All event, cave, and dungeon instances and maps (except cross server) fully available and running

  • New weekly event Heavenfall Temple 100% working. This solo instance is a fun and rewarding challenge.

No lucky packs, no B.S.

Perfect World Boutique no lucky packs

You know what really grinds my gears? Lucky packs, chests, scrolls and all that B.S. It is the pinnacle of pay-to-win servers and won’t be tolerated here.

End-game sets and gear

With much collaboration with the community. The End-game gear set will be Rank 9 Recast 3.

The Rank 9 sets have been looked into per class and they have been slightly modified to keep up the intended Balance of the server. Our goal is to keep it as balanced as possible for the best game experience possible.

Class and Gear edits can be found in the Beginners Guide.

Capped War Avatars

  • War Avatar grade S: S cards are available in-game through the Frostburn Merchant & Boutique. They have been made tradeable and droppable, Set bonuses have been removed for balancing purposes but you can still level the cards to get bonus stats.

  • S+ have been removed.

  • All War Avatars cannot be reawakened.

Capped Star Charts

  • Maximum Star Chart Aptitude reduced from 20 to 5.

  • Maximum Birth Star Aptitude reduced from 5 to 1.

  • Starshift disabled. All Astrospira Pearls removed.

Other changes

  • Unique Title System! (Check out the Beginners Guide)

  • Classes have gone through extensive balancing for spontaneous PK.

  • Venomancer pets have been modified to compete with current gears. Meaning better defenses than ever before. Pet leveling has been made a lot easier!

  • All arenas working.


And much more...

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Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

-Robert Frost