This is the official Pw Frostburn guide for beginners. If you are having a hard time finding what to do, how to level, or how everything works in general, you have come to the right place.

I will try to get this guide to be as concise and useful as possible, so you don’t need to read a thousand pages and can jump straight into the game.

The guide will be under constant development, adding, removing and changing its contents to better reflect the current server situation, updates changes, player feedback and contributions, etc.

I will mainly focus on the changes and customizations that Pw Frostburn has with respect to PWI or other private servers.

I would strongly advice to first read the general information page, the frequently asked questions page and the (you should already have read this) server rules.

Without further ado, lets begin!

Note: This guide is constantly evolving. It changes as the server grows and the players give us their feedback. I will remove this message when I feel that most of the important stuff has been covered here. Furthermore, if you have some suggestions, or noticed some mistakes, typos, etc please do let me know about them via PM or ticket.

External resources

Some very important and basic resources that every player should now and use to get quick answers:

  • Pw Database: As its name implies, it is the most complete database for almost everything in Perfect World. You can look for quests, items, mobs, bosses, locations, etc.
  • Ecatomb: Here you can find a lot of useful information about the game (fashion, mounts, caves, etc) but its most useful feature might be the skill simulator where you can see all the details from every skill of every class in the game.
  • TT Bosses: A simple table where you can quickly look for every drop from every boss in Twilight Temple.
  • Pw Map: An interactive online map, very useful for finding mines, dungeons, Paperclip for Villa npcs, etc.
  • PwPedia: A very similar site to PwWiki (which usually doesn’t work well). You can find lots of guides and general information about the game, classes, caves, etc.
  • Pwi Wikia: Another Perfect World related wiki page, with loads of guides and information.
  • Pwi guides: Yet another wiki/guides page
  • Pw Calc: An extremely complete calculator for characters builds. You can simulate different builds, or try different gears, weapons, etc.
  • Aster’s Pw Tools: A set of web tools that are useful to run simulations and calculations about your character, gear, etc.

Fire and Ice Shards

Fire Shards, Ice Shards and Frostburn Tokens are the main currency in the game. They are used to craft a lot of useful items at the Frostburn Merchant NPC.

These Shards and Tokens can be obtained from quests, caves, and events. You can see the full list of FS and IS rewards by clicking here.

In total there are three kinds of Shards:

  • Fire Shards (FS)
  • Ice Shards (IS)
  • Blood Shards (BS)*

So how does this all work?

The central piece that makes all the shards fit together is the Frostburn Merchant NPC. You can find it in all major cities of the world map, near the teleporter. It is also available in all cities of the Celestial Vale (starting map).

To begin crafting you will also need an additional item. This item is called Element Catalyst (EC) and can be bought with coins from the Frostburn Merchant by clicking the “Catalyst” option. It can also be crafted from FS in the Alchemy Tab at the Frostburn Merchant NPC.

So once you have your FS, IS and ECs you can go to the “Fire and Ice” option in the NPC. From there you will see some tabs with different items:

  1. Utils: Here you will find different Charms, Guardian Scrolls, Teleport Stones, Teleacoustics and Training Esotericas. All items here can be  crafted with FS.
  2. Refine: Orbs for refining gear and Chienkun Stones for transfering refines.
  3. Flyers: Some basic flyers for each race (which can be upgraded) and items to upgrade those flyers (or any other).
  4. Upgrade: Here you will find all sorts of items related to upgrading your character (or something related to it). Some examples are: Inventory and Safe Extension Stones, Cage, Mystical and Holy pills, Vitae Pill, various items that give experience, etc.
  5. W. Avt: Short for War Avatar, you will find War Avatar Packs, War Avatar Catalyst, and War Avatar Essence.
  6. Alchem: Where you can be an alchemist and transform FS to IS and the other way around. The current ratio is 2FS:1IS.
  7. Misc: Where everything else is found: Lucky Coins, Mysterious Chip Packs, Reset Notes, Perfect Stones, etc. Venomancers can get the items for their legendary pets (Source of Force, Harpy plume, etc) from here as well
  8. Token: An exclusive tab for event rewards. Here you can change the Frostburn Tokens (which are awarded from certain events) for various items, such as Ice Shards, Supply Tokens, Rapture Crystals, etc.

*What the **** is a Blood Shard (BS)?

Blood Shards are dropped from certain mobs and can be converted to IS. If you die while holding them in your inventory, you will drop them even if you have Guardian Scrolls with you.

And last but not least… Ice Clusters:

Ice Clusters are basically a bunch of Ice Shards. You can exchange them for Ice Shards at the Frostburn Merchant “Alchem” tab. They were recently introduced in an update so that it was easier to pick drops from mobs instead of picking a lot of Ice Shards.


Leveling on Pw Frostburn offers many options and depends mostly on which level gap you are on. As a general rule of thumb, you want to focus on doing these 3 things:

  • Daily quests available at your level (as most have been modified to give better rewards), and the quests listed on the Fire and Ice Shard guide as they are often paired with good EXP rewards.
  • Attending the daily and weekly events that are available for your current level. You can check the events schedule by clicking here.
  • If you have spare Fire Shards and Ice Shards and want to get a level boost, you can craft Fantasy Fruit (level 1+), Orb of Loneliness (level 50+), or Brainpower Orb (level 70+) at the Frostburn Merchant. These items can be consumed to gain EXP and SP.
  • Rancors are also a good way to level. Rancor events are daily events at set times. Large waves of mobs are spawned at certain towns offering a large amount of EXP. If you play alone I would suggest putting this off till you are at a higher level e.g. 90+ with suitable gear. If you play with a group or are part of a guild you can get help during the rancor events.

Note: If you plan on grinding in any way, it is always a good idea to use a Training Esoterica to boost your EXP rates by 50%. As mentioned earlier, you can get them really cheap at the Frostburn Merchant, or at the Boutique mall (press leter O to open it).

Keep in mind that most dailies that are introduced in a certain level gap, usually can be done at higher levels as well, so check all level gaps below your current level as well if you have run out of things to do.

Now onto the level gaps:

Here you want to focus on doing as many quests as possible that are found in the Celestial Vale. They give decent EXP, coins and also other various rewards (gear, flyer, mount) that will be very useful later on. They also give between 20 and 50 Fire Shards which can add to a good number once you’ve done most of them. A very complete guide for Celestial Vale is available at the PW Wikia. There is also a custom daily quest that can be taken from the Frostburn Merchant from level 9 and up, called Message Delivery which is very easy to do and gives EXP, coins and 200 Fire Shards.

Make sure to check the big glowing golden chest that appears near the right corner of the screen from time to time, as this means that you can you have unlocked a certain reward. Oftenly this happens when you hit certain levels, such as level 5, 10, 15, and so on. The first one of this rewards gives you a Bless Box item called “Speed of Fire” that lasts for a week and gives you +3 points in movement speed and 20 attack and defense levels. This item will make your first week much more easier, so take advantage of it.

Once you hit level 20+, you will want to do the cultivation quest which asks you to kill Snowgrind Fox in the Lightsail Cave. Depending on your class and gear, you can probably solo the cave if you are careful and don’t rush into many mobs. Once you get inside the cave, you should speak to the NPC Cave Investigator, which will have a quest that will give you a Glacial Blessing bless box which gives: 30% HP, 60 Atack levels, 50 Defense level and +2 movement speed (this blessing dissapears once you get out of the cave). You can also squad up with other players to finish the cave faster.

Tip: While you are in the Celestial Vale, you will automatically receive the quest “Celestial Energy” which will give you 1000 coins and 5 Fire Shards every 5 minutes.

Tip 2: Most important caves and dungeons have an NPC which gives a Glacial Blessing, so look for it.

You should now be done with Celestial Vale, between level 20 and 24 (depending on how many quests and grinding you did there) and ready to move out into the main world map. Speak with the teleporter Guay NPC at the west of Konton village, and you will be teleported to your class’ city in the main world map. From there you should do the main history quests and other side quests which will help you level quite easily.

Tha main daily quests that are available for you now (and should do to earn good rewards):

  • Bounty order quests: This can be taken from the NPC Jolly Old Jones and consist of a daily quest that can be once, which gives you 7 items called “Bounty order” which enable you to do the other quests 7 times. This quests have been modified and give a lot of coins, EXP, SP, reputation and Fire Shards. The rewards will be increasing by level gaps of 10, and they can be done until level 80.
  • Trivia questions quest: This can be taken from the NPCs Pique (level 20-59) and Chuck (level 60+) where you can answer 15 questions a day about Perfect World. This gives reputation, good exp and other rewards.
  • LucidSilver/Lucidgold quests: This are daily quests that can be taken from the Lucidsilver Envoy NPC from 20:00 to 21:00 and Lucidgold Envoy NPC from 21:00 to 22:00. Both NPCs are located in Archosaur West. The quests are super easy and dont require to do anything other than wait. The reward is a chest with random rewards, from exp pills, to pets, Fire Shards and much more. There is also another NPC next to these ones named “Lucid Silver Agent” who offers similar rewards for players below level 30, so look for that as well.
  • Perfect questmaster: This is a NPC that gives rewards based on the amount of quests you have completed. The NPC gives a total of 6 quests and the rewards range form EXP boosts to temporary fashion. The NPCs can be found in South Archosaud and in other mayor cities.

The main things you should focus on while on this level gap are:

  • Ice Shard Chests: These are the same chests you probably encountered in Celestial Vale. They are spread all around Archosaur and when opened, give 100 Ice Shards. They respawn randomly between 30 and 60 mins after they were last opened, always near the same locations as before. It can be a good idea to go around Archousaur looking for them since if you are lucky enought to find many of them, you will have a good bunch of Ice Shards at your disposal.
  • Crazy Stone quest: Daily that can be obtained in Archosaur West, which asks you to buy and deliver some stones. This quest gives a good amount of EXP and Fire Shards. As most dailies, this one will give better rewards as you level up and has no max level limit (although later on the NPC from which its taken changes)
    • You can also buy the item “Wedding Invitation” from the boutique, which will allow you to do a seconds Crazy Stone per day. This one has a different amount of Exp and Fire Shards than the normal one.
  • Phoenix Valley: This quest/instance can be taken 3 times each day (yeah, its modified here, default is 1 per day) from Khoan the Survivor NPC (near the Elder of Archosaur). You can go solo or with a squad, and should kill as many mobs a possible that are inside the cave. Remember to use a Training Esoterica.
  • Oracles: You can buy Oracle books suitable for your level from the PW Boutique Agent NPC (Archosaur West). It will require Perfect Token of Luck items, that can be obtained from the Frostburn Merchant or the boutique. This Oracle books when activated, will give you a quest to kill a certain boss for a good reward of EXP and coins. Remember to choose the one suitable for your level.
  • Marriage quest: If you are married to another player, you can do the daily marriage quests. The rewards have been upgraded here from default ones, so they are useful to do, particularly in lower levels.

In addition to the previous dailies and recommendations, you should focus on:

  • Coming of Age quests: This is a main quest line that is very useful for this level gap as it gives quite a lot of EXP and good rewards. You should definetly do it. There is a very complete guide about this quest line (albeit, might be a little outdated) that can be found by cliking here.
  • Bounty Hunter: Daily quest that can be taken from the Head Hunter NPC located in all major cities. This quest will ask you to defeat a Boss from a lower level instance. There can be up to three of these quests that can be done daily (BH I, BH II and BH III) and each will require to defeat some boss from a specific instance. As this boss is the same to every player from the same level gap, you can squad with your peers to complete them. The rewards are a good amount of EXP, Coins, Fire Shards and other various items such as Mysterious Chips. There are a couple of detailed guides here and here (the rewards are changed though).
  • Quicksand Maze (55+): This instance difficulty depends on the level gap of the squad leader who opens it. It is unlike any other instance in that the paths are randomly generated every time the cave is opened. A decent squad is required to complete it, but the rewards are worth the effort. There is a daily quest inside the cave that gives a good amount of Fire Shards, EXP, Coins and Reputation, and also some items to craft god PvE sets (level 55+). You can find some short guides here and here.
  • Cube of Fate (50+, optional): Well, all instances are optional, but what I mean by this is that not many players like this instance, but some find it very rewarding and fun. Anyhow, it gives a good amount of EXP, Coins, Reputation and Fire Shards (and some Mirage Celestones). You should really use the “Do-All Card” found in the PW Boutique Agent NPC and in the Boutique. With this item you can skip some rooms of the instance and complete it really fast. There is a complete cube of fate guide in our own forums.
  • Theater of Blood (50+, optional): Also disliked by some players, this daily event starts at 19:00 and gives good rewards including Ice Shards (both from the Purified Horn exchange quests and by exchanging Heart of Blood). Here you can find a quick guide for this event. This is mostly a PvP event, but you can manage to go there and farm some Ice Shards without enganing in combat if you wish to.
  • Valley of Reciprocity (optional): This must be done in squad and is divided in 4 modes depending on your level gap. I don’ think this instance is very popular at this level gap though. The rewards are EXP, Coin, Reputation, and Fire Shards (among other minor items). I couldn’t find any good guides, but here is a video that gives a general idea of it.

More things to do:

  • Fall’ Fall: Daily quest that can be taken from the Autumn Harbinger located in all major cities. The minimum level requirement has been lowered from 80 to 60. Gives good EXP, coin, reputation, and Fire Shards. Here you can find the quest details.
  • Punish and Praise: If you like to grind this quest is for you. You will get the exp from killing the mobs (use a Training Esoterica) + the exp from the quest itself. The rewards have been greatly improved from the default ones, and include: good exp, coins, reputation, Fire Shards and War Avatar packs (from C to A depending on your level). You can find a detailed guide here.
  • Treasure Hunter: Daily quest that can be taken from Sharp Spear NPC. Here the map chances have been greatly increased and the rewards as well, so this is a good and fun way to get exp and reputation. There is a small guide that can be found here.
  • Paperclip for Villa (70+): Also known as “World quest” this daily will have you travelling around the world map, but it will be worth it. The rewards here include: A really good amount of EXP, coins, reputation and Fire Shards. There is also a reward of Ultimate Substance, so you can open Twilight Temple or craft gear without having to buy/farm them. There is a full guide of this quest here. Frostburn token chests have also been hidden near some of the Paperclip for Villa towns, making this daily even more worth doing.
  • Blood Shard mobs: You can grind the following Mobs for decent exp, Fire Shards, Ice Shards, and Blood Shards:
    • Acephalic Rider (level 68)
    • Enhanced Cougaret (level 75)
    • Huggy Hare (level 80)

Note: From level 81 onwards, you will no longer be able to do the Bounty Order daily quests.

If you’ve made it this far, place take note on the following as its very important for your char progress:

  • Frostcovered City: This is the cornerstone of your levelling and progress for quite a long time. The most important thing from this cave is the “Sincerity” quest that is awarded once you get to meet the Frost Elder NPC. This quest will give you the “Chest of sincerity” that here has been modified to give a lot of EXP, Coins, Reputation and Fire Shards. You will proabably need to squad up in order to complete this dungeon (unless you are high level and geared). Luckily, it is a very popular instance so there are always players looking to form squads to go there. Some of the mobs and bosses there also give good EXP so that is a plus as well. There are some guides here, here and here.
  • Valley of Reciprocity (aka Delta, aka GV): This was mentioned earlier, but the level 86+ instance of this cave is probably the most well known for its difficulty. You need a good squad to finish it, but with each wave you will reacive a good amount of exp, coins, reputation and Fire Shards (+other rewards). The last wave has a very compelling reward, greater than all other waves.
  • Heavenfall Temple (89+): This is a new instance that can only be done without a squad. There are 108 rooms and your progress is saved even if you close the game. Your progress only resets weekly (Wednesdays at midnight I think). The default rewards have been greatly improved (some even by a factor of 20 or 30) and Fire Shard rewards are available there as well. You can find a video guide here.
  • Blood Shard mobs: You can grind the following Mobs for decent exp, Fire Shards, Ice Shards, and Blood Shards:
    • Orelith (level 85)
    • Nivastok Shieldbearer (level 93)

In addition to most other activities described so far, now you can also:

  • Morai dailies: At level 95 you will be able to enter the Morai map, which opens a lot of features and quests. The prestige and influence points here have been greatly increased, so its a good idea to do the daily quests from each order, the morai weekly event, etc. You can find a detailed guide about morai in general here.
    • Crazy Stone will continue to be available inside Morai once you reach level 100.
  • Primal World dailies: Once you hit level 100 and complete your 1st reawakening, you will be able to go to Primal World. There there are a lot of daily quests that give good EXP, War Avatar packs and above all, Vitae, which is essential to increace your boundary level.
  • Blood Shard mobs: You can grind the following Mobs for decent exp, Fire Shards, Ice Shards, and Blood Shards:
    • Glacial Mistress (level 96)
    • Chaosand Sludgestalker (level 102)

Note: Once you hit level 100 you will no longer be able to do the daily Fall’s Fall.

You are not required to do all of these quests and events, but these are the best options to level and progress.


Gear for your character depends on a lot of factors: your level, class, build type, personal preferences, etc. Still, we will try to do a quick summary by level of good/decent gear to get at each level gap. Keep in mind that you might want to skip some of the gears and jump straight into the higher level ones. It’s totally up to you.

TL;DR: Stay in Celestial Vale until level 20, look for the quest gear.

The first thing you should do is open the big shinning chest near your health bar, and complete de “Lv. 1 unique reward“, this will give you, a temporary bless box called “Speed of Fire” among other things . This bless box will last for a week and will provide you with movement speed and attack + defense levels. There is a unique reward quest every 5 levels, so pay attention to that because they provide some very useful items.

Your main gear here is the one provided by the quests done in Celestial Vale. Particularly, look for the following quests:

  • Preparing for Battle (level 3): Weapon + Armor
  • Little Dives (level 6): Mount
  • The Shellsea Undine (level 9): Armor
  • Keep up the good work (level 10): Weapon
  • The Maiden’s Summon (level 10): Flyer

TL;DR: Use the Dreamchaser Packs

When you reach level 20, you will get a Dreamchaser Pack level 20 from the “Lv. 20 Unique reward” quest. When you open this pack, you will get some tickets that you can exchange for gear with the Assistant Wang Tsai (next to most bankers in Archosaur and other mayor cities. This pack will also give you another similar pack for level 30, and that one will give you another for level 40. So you are mostly covered with these packs until level 60 or so.

If you no longer need some gear from the packs, you can exchange it for perfect stones at the same NPC.

TL;DR: Quicksand Maze or Twilight Temple gear, and whichever mold gear you come across. Optional Hallucinatory (pirates) Trophy Mode cape.

If you did the Coming of Age quest line, you will have received some Ancient Transcripts as a reward. Use them to craft some gear at the Quicksand Maze (QSM) forges (located in the Land of Buried Bones).

You can also run some Quicksand Mazes to get the full gear. Depending on the level of the QSM that you do, you can get gear for level 55, 70 or 85. This gear is very good for PvE as it has Slaying and Warding level bonus.

At level 60 you can start doing Twilight Temple (either solo or squad mode) to get your first green weapon. At level 70 (and until level 99) you can get the rest of your gear from TT. Drops here were increased significantly, so you will be able to craft your gear in no time with some help.

From level 70 and up, you can also do the Hallucinatory Trophy Mode run, from which if completed correctly, will give you gold medals which can be exchanged for some very good capes. The level 90+ limitation has been removed, so anyone can take the TM quest here.

TL;DR: Frostcovered City + Twilight Temple gear. Optional Rank 6/7 reputation weapon and gear.

Once you have reached level 80 you can acquire a “Tome of Cultivation”and a “Gold gear Ticket”form the Dorstburn Merchant or purchase these in the boutique. From these items you will receive Gold gears and a Gold weapon. These gears should keep you till you do the Punish and Praise dailies that now offer mats for Quiksand Maze gear.

From level 85 onwards, you will probably be doing a lot of Frostcovered City (FC) runs to get EXP, coins and Fire Shards. Most bosses there drop gear, so you will be able to get this gear effortless as you level up. With the golden gear from the tome of cultivation, or the gear from Frostcovered City (FC) you can try Lunar solo mode in order to craft level 95 gears. If you are having a hard time soloing Lunar or if you leveled passed this level very fast, then the afore mentioned Quicksand mats would be your best bet for crafting level 100 PVE Gear.  This gear offers slaying and warding levels which may further facilitate your solo Lunar farming.

There is also the option to go for the Twilight Temple (TT) level 80 and 90 gear. If you do the TT quests from Frostburn Merchant, you can also get quite a lot of Fire Shards from there, and TT gear is usually better than Frost ones (particularly the level 90 one) and it is also required to craft the level 99 TT gear, so you are basically killing 2 birds with one stone.

Depending on your class, it can also be  a very good idea to farm enough reputation and reach Rank 6 (35k reputation) and Rank 7 (100k reputation). For the Rank 6 weapon, you should definetly get the required signs/badges (bravery, strength, etc) from the Badge Chest in the Frostburn Merchant “Upgrade” tab.

TL;DR: Morai gear for PvE + Choose between TT, Lunar or Rank 8 (or a combination) for PvP.

At this level gap you basically have 4 options:

  • Morai:
    • Level 95: You should really get this gear regardless of other options simply because it is super easy to obtain. You can get it from simple quests in Morai that are not hard to finish. It offers Slaying and Warding level, so its really good for PvE.
    • Level 101: Similar to the level 95 one, this is a little harder to get, but is basically end gear for PvE, (and even PvP in some cases) so its recomended to get it. You will need to get Emblems from each order in order to exchange it fot gear.
  • Twilight Temple (TT): Level 99 gear that is very good and can be later used to craft the Nirvana gear. Look for the gear set bonus of certain pieces, as in some cases they are good enough to be considered “end game” gear. You will need the level 90 TT gear first to craf this ones. There is also the chance to get the TT “red weapon” from the drops of certain bosses. They are harder to craft as well (as they require like 4 additional golden 99 weapons) but are quite good, and much better than the 99 ones.
  • Lunar Glade: You can get level 95 from this cave. It is often very good gear, and can also be used to craft the Nirvana gear later on. The lunar rings (here and here) are particularly good (can be considered end game) so you should probably try to farm those too. As a side note, most materials needed for these rings (and other TT and Lunar gear) can be also crafted with Mysterious Chips. The rings can also be obtained from the Lunar insingnia, which is a reward of the Celestial Tigers event.
  • Rank 8: If you get to 200k reputation, you can also choose to go for the Rank 8 gear. Depending on your class, the gear/weapon can be more or less useful, but in general is quite good. The only downside is that it can’t be used to craft the Nirvana gear nor can it be used to craft Reborn Rank 8 gear. Reborn Rank 8  gear is crafted from Nirvana gears on PW Frostburn. The “general’s badge” ring is also quite good, though it cannot be upgraded.

Note: For the helmet, a very good option is trying to get the one from “The Tournament” event. You will need to win this weekly event though, or trade Frostburn tokens, or use Supply Tokens from NW, but the helm is very good. The tournament  also gives Ice Shards so it is a good idea overall to participate.

TL;DR: Nirvana, nirvana, nirvana + Warsong Belt, Cube of Fate Necklace (or TT neck and belt for APS) + Lunar Rings.

For now, the end game gear is mainly Nirvana G15 and Reawakened Rank 8. As nirvana G16 (a.k.a N3 or Warsong set) is not enabled here, and neither is Rank 9 . Reawakened Rank 8 is arguably the best end game gear. There are exceptions, though, depending on classes, builds, etc. Some prefer to mix some Nirvana weapons or gear with Reawakened Rank 8.

  • Necklace: Cube of Fate Necklace (all versions and upgrades) could be considered the end game necklace. Other options include the TT 99 necklace or the Lunar Glade one.
  • Belt: Although Warsong gear is not enabled, you can still go to Warsong City to farm the Warsong Belt. Other options include the TT 99 belt, and the Eye of the Jungle belt (although this last one is really hard to get).
  • Rings: The lunar glade rings are one of the best options. You can also choose to stay with the Rank 8 ring, or farm the Seal of Eternal Solitude in the City of Abominations event. Cloud Stir’s have been added into the game, they can be crafted into their final form using the Reawakening VI Finger bead turning them into Mortal Slaughter or Solar Manifestation.
  • Cape: The best options are either the Nirvana capes, the Lunar Glade ones, or the Wings of Cloudcharger from the Celestial Tigers event (can also be acquired by exchanging Supply Tokens from Nation Wars).

As a side note:

  • Refinement orbs can be purchased both in the Boutique and from the Frostburn Merchant (among other various items). The refinement is capped at +10 at all times (as mentioned in the game rules), so keep that in mind.
  • There is other useful gear that can be obtained from some quests thoughout your character progress. It is not detailed here, but some of this gear can be really easy to get and used for quite a lot of time.
  • Be aware of all the molds and items that can be crafted from Mysterios Chips at the Mysterious Merchant. Also most of the mold prices have been dropped by half, so its really cheap to get them.

General considerations

Other general considerations regarding leveling, farming, and other various activities:

  • Always remember to complete the Roll Call daily quest (from the big golden chest shinning besides your character HP bar. The same applies to the daily sign in quest (cliking “Sign In” on the event calendar) and checking your cumulative sign in rewards (by cliking “check record” on the calendar).
  • Call to Duty tabs: The tab quests here give better exp and reputation, and also they don’t have a penalty for party memebers since they receive the same rewards as the party leader.
  • Cultivation quests: Don’t forget to do your cultivation quests. Maybe it is a good idea to focus more on leveling first and then come back to do the cultivations faster.
  • Glacial and Multi Blessing quests: In most important caves and dungeons (TT, Lunar, BHs, etc) there will be some NPC near the entrance that gives you a quest which will reward you with a free Bless Box. This Bless Box will give a very good set of bonus including speed, attack and defense levels, etc. that will help you during the cave. The blessing will expire once you leave the current cave.
  • Twilight Temple: There are quest that can be taken from the Frostburn Merchant which will ask you to defeat a certain boss from Twilight Temple. These quests are level based, and will give a good reward of Fire Shards.
  • Lunar Glade: You can squad up and go to Lunar Glade cave to farm for gear ( or run Solo Mode and farm gear by yourself). Remember that you can take a custom quest from the Frostburn Merchant, that will ask you to kill a certain Lunar boss for a reward of coins and Fire Shards. This is not strictly a leveling cave, but there are good rewards anyhow.
    • The Challenge Another enemy quests in Lunar Glade give Fire Shards and Frostburn Tokens as well.
  • Nirvana Palace: Like Twilight Temple and Lunar Glade, there is also a quest from Frostburn Merchant which will give you a good reward of Fire Shards, coin and EXP.
  • Mines and herbs/plants that can be picked for crafting materials and potions, have an increased yield (x2-x3) so its much easier to gather a good number of them.
  • Ultimate Substance, Ultimate Orb and Essence of Nature materials requirements have been lowered to 3 of each kind, so they are easier to manufacture.
  • Faction Base: If your guild has a base established, you can also do the quests that are provided there, since the EXP rewards have been increased by a factor of 10.
  • Venomancer pet leveling: If you wish to level your pet fast, you can go to the City of the Lost, near the Pet Trainer NPC, and you will find a bunch of high level mobs that die of one hit which are perfect for leveling your pet.