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This is the official Pw Frostburn guide for beginners. If you are having a hard time finding what to do, how to level, or how everything works in general, you have come to the right place.

I will try to get this guide to be as concise and useful as possible, so you don’t need to read a thousand pages and can jump straight into the game.

The guide will be under constant development, adding, removing and changing its contents to better reflect the current server situation, updates changes, player feedback and contributions, etc.

I will mainly focus on the changes and customization’s that Pw Frostburn has with respect to PWI or other private servers.

I would strongly advice to first read the general information page, the frequently asked questions page and the (you should already have read this) server rules.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Note: This guide is constantly evolving. It changes as the server grows and the players give us their feedback. I will remove this message when I feel that most of the important stuff has been covered here. Furthermore, if you have some suggestions, or noticed some mistakes, typos, etc please do let me know about them via PM or ticket.

External resources

Some very important and basic resources that every player should now and use to get quick answers:

  • Pw Database: As its name implies, it is the most complete database for almost everything in Perfect World. You can look for quests, items, mobs, bosses, locations, etc.
  • Ecatomb: Here you can find a lot of useful information about the game (fashion, mounts, caves, etc) but its most useful feature might be the skill simulator where you can see all the details from every skill of every class in the game.
  • TT Bosses: A simple table where you can quickly look for every drop from every boss in Twilight Temple.
  • Pw Map: An interactive online map, very useful for finding mines, dungeons, Paperclip for Villa npcs, etc.
  • PwPedia: A very similar site to PwWiki (which usually doesn’t work well). You can find lots of guides and general information about the game, classes, caves, etc.
  • Pwi Wikia: Another Perfect World related wiki page, with loads of guides and information.
  • Pwi guides: Yet another wiki/guides page
  • Pw Calc: An extremely complete calculator for characters builds. You can simulate different builds, or try different gears, weapons, etc.
  • Aster’s Pw Tools: A set of web tools that are useful to run simulations and calculations about your character, gear, etc.

Note: Some of the webpages above are a little glitchy. If the pages “forever load” try clearing the website cache.

Frostburn Currencies

★Item Legend:

  • Frostburn Tokens (FBT)
  • Fire Shards (FS)
  • Ice Shards (IS)
  • Blood Shards (BS)
  • Frostburn Merchant (FBM)

Frostburn Tokens (FBT): are Frostburn’s main currency in-game. FBT can be used in various ways through the Frostburn Merchant NPC, Or they can be used to purchase things from other players in the community. FBT can be farmed in various of ways. Through multiple instances, Staff Events & Automated Events.

Fire Shards (FS): FS’s can be farmed in specific areas of the main map.  Rotflesh Trench (527,116), Shadow Tide Camp (578, 109) and Nightscream Island (675, 362). FS’s can be traded at the Frostburn Merchant (FBM) for a great amount of FBT.

Blood Shards (BS): Blood Shards can be farmed in most areas that drop Fire Shards (FS). Blood Shards will give you more FBT at the Frostburn Merchant. However they will Drop up death.

Ice Shards (IS): IS’s can be farmed in PvE designated zones. Currently this is Lothranis & Momaganon. You may only farm for 5hrs maximum a day in these areas due to Earning times. Here are the locations you can farm in Heaven & Hell.

Please remember to adjust your Auto Cultivation (CTRL+ F12) to 300 Minutes (5hrs) maximum for Heaven and Hell Farming.

For a more in depth guide on where to find FBT or other materials look at this Guide! >

Frostburn Merchant

The Frostburn Merchant is a special NPC that governs major cities in Frostburn. You can get various “Kill Quest” from him, Turn in your Frostburn Tokens(FBT) for basic to advanced necessities, or convert your Ice Shards(IS’s)/Fire shards(FS’s) & Blood shards(BS’s) into FBT.

Simply speak to the Frostburn Merchant and click on “Fire and Ice” You will see these tabs. All items from the Frostburn merchant will cost FBT.

  • Gem: You can craft various gear shards for your gear using FBT on this tab. You can also craft Flowing Crystal Packs on this tab so you can use the Soulgem conversion option at the Boutique Agent.
  • Upgrade: You can purchase various items to help upgrade your S cards, Sockets on gear, Star chart items, Vitae pills and even the Cultivation Insignia for FBT.
  • Veno: The Veno tab allows you to craft the items for your legendary pets. (Harpy,Monkey, Herc, Nix). You can also craft Pet food & Feral Soul Stars.
  • Combat: The combat tab allows you to craft essential items for combat. Charms, Lost Amulets, Dumplings & Yuanxio’s, Revelation potions, Hyper EXP stones. Archers can even craft their special Arrows here.
  • Misc: The Misc tab has items like Basic reset notes, Primordial blood, Barbaric blood, Perfect stones, squad signets & Celestial Schism Molds.
  • Exchange: The Exchange tab is where you transfer your Fire, Ice & Blood shards into FBT. You can also craft Big notes, Supply tokens, Lucky coins & Mysterious Chips.

Note: The Frostburn Merchant will be constantly changing, Items will be added, tabs could be removed. The Guide will be updated if such changes occur.

Leveling Up

Players will have to kill a few starter mobs to level quickly to 101.

The starter mobs can be found right out of Heroes ‘ Terrace. “Star Spirit” (336, 521), (329, 534), (320, 534)

You will receive your Rebirth stones in the Unique Reward Chest. You will have to exit the Celestial Vale and simply follow the proper rebirthing quest in your quest log.

Once you Rebirth simply go back to the Vale and Kill more Star Spirits. Rinse and repeat with Rebirthing the second time.

Once you’re completely rebirthed you will have to level up your character to 105×3.

Rancor events, Phoenix Valley & Specified GM events are best for EXP.


Cultivation is free up to Aware of the Void & Myriad. Simply speak to the Frostburn Merchant go to quest related and take the golden cultivation quest located at the top. You will be prompted to choose your cultivation of preference. Simply select your option.

In order to get your Second & Third Fairies. You can purchase a Celestial Insignia from the Frostburn Merchant or the Boutique. You will require 1 for the Second fairy, and 20 for the 3rd Fairy.

Once you have your Celestial Insignia’s in your bag, Simply go back to the Frostburn Merchant and go back to quest related. Take the Cultivation quest. Once the quest is complete the Insignias will be consumed.

Warning: You can only take this quest ONCE. If you choose the wrong cultivation you will have to purchase a Celestial Schism from the Boutique or Frostburn Merchant.


Once you start up and level up your first character you will receive various starter gear items. From the Unique Reward Chest.

(Located to the right of your HP gauge)

Note: Simply accept the rewards as you level. If your Unique Reward chest doesn’t allow you to accept the rewards, Simply log back out to your character select menu and log back in. This only happens if you level to quickly and try to accept all the items at once.

Items will include: Medal of glory x19 + General Summer Token x205 + Dragon Orb Ocean x110 + mirage x120.

Lunar Glade Insignia Ornament x2 + Starter Necklace Pack + Starter Headgear Pack +Matchless wings + Love up and down

Note: Some starter items will be required for your End-game sets! (Helm, Robe, Rings & Tome.)

Simply go to the Commander-in-Chief NPC to craft your basic rank 9 sets.

Refinement orbs will only be enough to get your refines to +10. So make sure you refine each piece to +10 for the best start up survivability. This will allow you to farm your Summerwind tokens for your R9r2 sets. You can simply farm Rancor events, or other instances (Lunar,Nirvana,Warsong etc) to get FBT to craft Supply Tokens at the FBM. You can purchase Dragon Orbs at the FBM or simply purchase them from the boutique.

Final Set:

Rank 9 Recast 3 is your final set.

Robe: The Wings of Ascension is now available. You will require your starter robe to craft into it. You may keep your Matchless wings as another gear option, or also craft the Heaven Ravager at the Ascension Forge.

Rings: Your rings will be the final cast of your classes Rank 9 ring. Simply craft it at the Ascension Forge. Your secondary rings can be Mortal Slaughter, Solar Manifestation or Moon’s Embrace & Star’s Destiny.

Necklace: Badge of the Cube: Defiance (Physical & Magical G16) is now available at the Ascension Forge. Simply craft Seals of War and craft Cube of Fate stamps at the Contemplation forge. You can get a abundance of Supply tokens at the Frostburn Merchant for Frostburn Tokens.

Helm: Crown of Madness is available. You will require your starter helmet to craft into it.

Tome: Your final tome will be the Emperors Tome. You will require your starter tome to craft into the Dominance tome and then into Emperors.

Belt: Since R9R3 is your main set, The end-game belt will be part of your classes R9 set. Simply craft the upgraded one at the Peerless Forge in Lunar once you obtain the mold.

As for gear versatility, players will be given multiple gear Shard options at the Frostburn Merchant.

War Avatar Cards: set bonuses have been disabled so players can mix and match their S cards for their own personalized stating. S cards can still be leveled. Cards can now be traded or dropped freely.

Star Chart: Once you Rebirth your character simply follow the usual primal quest to enter primal and receive your Star Chart. You can purchase the items required to level & advance your Star Chart at the FBM or simply purchase them via the Boutique.

Nuema Portal: Tier 7 orbs have been added into the Boutique.

Boundary: Boundary break pills are still in the Boutique. Prices have been greatly reduced. You will be required to follow the primal quest in order to break through to the next Boundaries.   Arcane Sky -> Mirage Sky -> Astral Sky -> Shifting Sky X

Meridian & Titles: Meridian and Titles can be maxed and completed through our new web panel!

Make sure you’re logged out of your character when using this panel! TAKE THE TITLE ONE FIRST. Taking the title one with pre-existing custom titles will wipe your titles.

Class Modifications

With thorough testing we have made some minor modifications to some classes gears, Weapon or Skills.

All the changes we made is to ensure a “Balanced game play” as close as we possibly can.

This is to give you, the players the best possible experience we can achieve.

Please understand, each class has its own Pro’s & Con’s. That is be beauty of completely learning and mastering a certain class that you play.
All the edits that have been made will not hinder the class in any way, or make them “useless”

Arcane Sets: Arcanes have been given bonus channel based on their class sets.

  • Wiz, Cleric, Mystic: Addon added -12%
  • Veno, Stormbringer, Psychic: Addon added -10%

Cleric: The final cast of the Rank 9 belt (Divine Belt) has been made refinable for a boost of Pdef only. Each piece of the Divine set will give clerics +1200 MP to help with the Plume Shell mana drain.

Mystic: The final cast of the Mystics Rank 9 Belt (Reincarnation Belt) has been made refinable for a boost of Pdef only.

Psychic: The final cast of the Psychics Rank 9 Belt (Apotheosis Belt) has been made refinable for a boost of Pdef only. This has slightly boosted psychic Soulforce as well.

Venomancer: Veno pets survivability has been greatly boosted.

Weapon Balancing:

The only classes affected by this change are: Stormbringer,Duskblade & Assassin.

This is to ensure that certain classes can’t run around and “one-shot” other classes. Now they will have to utilize “Skill” in order to gain their kills.

Skill Modifications:

Psychic: The Psychic skill “Soul of Silence” Has been made self-cast only.

Duskblade: The skill “Divine Moonlight” has been modified with a greater cooldown of 25 seconds. This does not hinder the class in any way.

Assassins:  The skill “Chill of the Deep” can only be learned up to its Sage/Demon books. Primal has been locked.

General considerations

Other general considerations regarding leveling, farming, and other various activities:

  • Always remember to complete the Roll Call daily quest (from the big golden chest shinning besides your character HP bar. The same applies to the daily sign in quest (clicking “Sign In” on the event calendar) and checking your cumulative sign in rewards (by clicking “check record” on the calendar).
  • Glacial and Multi Blessing quests: In most important caves and dungeons (TT, Lunar, BHs, etc) there will be some NPC near the entrance that gives you a quest which will reward you with a free Bless Box. This Bless Box will give a very good set of bonus including speed, attack and defense levels, etc. that will help you during the cave. The blessing will expire once you leave the current cave.
  • You can squad up or run Solo Mode to farm your Gear Molds for your R9R3 Advancements. Gear Molds have been made Tradeable! “Challenge Another Enemy” Quest will Give some Basic Badges & FBT. Remember that you can take a custom quest from the Frostburn Merchant, that will ask you to kill a certain Lunar boss for a reward of coins and Fire Shards. The Challenge Another enemy quests in Lunar Glade give Fire Shards and Frostburn Tokens as well.
  • Nirvana Palace: Like Lunar Glade, there is also a quest from Frostburn Merchant which will give you a good reward of Fire Shards, coin and EXP.
  • Mines and herbs/plants: that can be picked for crafting materials and potions, have an increased yield (x2-x3) so it’s much easier to gather a good number of them. You can also purchase them via the Boutique.
  • Faction Base: If your guild has a base established, you can also do the quests that are provided there, since the EXP rewards have been increased by a factor of 10.
  • Venomancer pet leveling: Venomancer pet defenses/attack have been boosted to keep up to par with Spirit & Gear. Pets will instant level to 101, You will have to level them from 102-105 but the EXP has been greatly reduced. Simply go to the City of the Lost, near the Pet Trainer NPC. You will find a bunch of high level mobs that die in one hit which are perfect for leveling your pet. Feral Star Orbs have been added to the Frostburn Merchant & Boutique. Prices have been greatly reduced. Some Veno pet skills have been added to the Pet tab in the Boutique as well.
  • Mystic skill edits: Healing herb, Vital herb & Cragglord have been significantly boosted.
  • Archer: New R9r3 Weapons for archer have been introduced. Slingshot for APS & Crossbow for Channeling.