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Perfect World Frostburn – Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answer to these questions and much more at our official beginner’s guide:

Beginner’s Guide

If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it by clicking here. A recovery mail will be sent to your email address.

If you wish to change your password (or any other profile setting) you can do so though the profile page. You need to be logged in to this website, then hover your mouse over your username at the top right corner, and then click “profile”. You will be taken to your profile page, where you can then click on the “settings” tab to change your password.

You can:

  • Open a ticket through the “support” tab in the main menu. This is our help desk system for resolving players’ issues.
  • Send us a private message though our Facebook page. We will reply ASAP.
  • Post your problem/question in the forums. We check forums regularly and so do other players who can help you.

This means basically two things:

  • That although there is an in-game boutique/mall, a lot of items that represented an unfair advantage over non-donating players have been removed (packs, auto exp pills, gears, etc.)
  • Additionally, a custom NPC called Frostburn Merchant has been added to all major cities, where all important boutique items can be exchanged for gold and other items obtained from quests, caves and events.

There are more details about this in the “Info” page.

The bottom-line here is, that even if you don’t donate, you will still be able to compete against players who do (although you will have to invest more time and effort).

The server is full PvP. That means that after you reach level 30, your name will turn white and you will be able to kill (and be killed) by other players outside of safe zones (towns, cities, etc.).

The server version is 1.5.3 War Front. It can be confusing because the client actually mentions “Eclipse” as the version, but rest assured that it is indeed the War Front expansion as it has Heavenfall Temple fully enabled, plus all the other changes that came with it.

The maximum level is 105 with 2 reawakenings/rebirths.

The top gear, for the time being, is Rank 9 Recast 3.

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