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11/10/2017 5:19 pm  

hi i know its a pk server which im not complaining but how are people meant to farm FBT and ice clusters if they keep getting killed. the people farmin are undergeared and low evelled compared to to the ones doing the killing, so my suggestion is to have somewhere to farm FBT and clusters without having to worry about getting pk'd

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12/10/2017 2:14 am  

Hello, I dunno if you've read recent patches, but there are a few caves such as Eden and Brimstone that drop Ice clusters/FBT. If you haven't done so already also check out the servers Beginners Guide (Click Me)

The guide will list a few areas of the map that mobs Drop Blood shards/Ice clusters/Ice shards and fire shards. It may be in open map, but there are a few areas that are hardly ever used. If anything Eden and Brimstone can be ran multiple times for Cluster farming/FBT drops. (You can use the database to locate these mob locations if needed)

You can get a decent amount. Even more during 2x. I don't know if you're part of a faction but there are a few higher level instances that give FBT as well. FSP,UCH for example. I may have another idea for Vix but I'll discuss that with him privately for now to see if he likes it. Also eden/brim bosses have a chance to drop some skill books. Skill books sell to NPC's for 500k, its good for coin as well. If you have any questions though just let us know ūüôā If anything there is a decent amount of areas items can be farmed, but we'll continue to look into more ways to assist the lower level people that just join.

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Frostburn Beginner's Guide! :


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