End Gear Engraves

End Gear Engraves  


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09/11/2018 4:52 am  

With most of the end gear people we need a way to farm things like uncanny ores, lucky coins, golden coins for engraves so far its way to hard to get engraves as the drop rate for these item are way to low. Are you guys able to look into making one of the non-used instances it to a high level place.  eg something with frenzy monkey or similar boss but harder that people can do for the end gear engraves and is farm able. As server been open for about 2-3months now and no one has end gear engraves yet even if everyone donated to 1 person in guild would barely be enough for a person to engrave.

another option would be to add it to trials make it so its bound to what ever char its done on.


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10/11/2018 12:12 am  


Yes we're looking for more ways to add in engravement farming, I like the Faction Trial idea, gives it some good use. Will see if it gets approved or not. We do have some other ideas as well but its still being discussed.

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