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Perfect World Frostburn Rules

Game Rules:



  1. Only English is permitted in World Chat/Trumpets.



  1.  No excessive spamming or serious personal insults (Family, Racial, Sexual, or Disability-related, among others.) As a rule of thumb, we will try to maintain an almost uncensored chat, unless it is evidently serious or we have received a complaint from some player’s.

This also applies to in-game names in general ( Characters, Factions, Pets. Etc.)


  1.  No personal Vendetta/revenge is allowed to justify violating other game rules or logging in to other player’s accounts with a destructive intention. (Selling items to NPC, stealing items, Etc.) If you have a problem with a player, sort it out peacefully or contact an Admin or Staff member.


  1. Scamming other players is not allowed. This includes deceiving players to obtain their account data or information. If you feel that you’ve been scammed, contact an Admin or Staff member. Or simply submit a support ticket.


  1. No Staff member impersonation is allowed by any means. This includes creating characters, guilds or accounts that may mislead other players to believe they are official game authorities.


  1. No third party software that modifies the game in any way is allowed. This includes: Hacks, Bot tools, or modifying the game client in any way by your own means.

The only exception to this is editing the necessary client files to allow further Character Aesthetic changes.


  1. No exploiting & abusing in any way of game bugs, errors or unintended functionality. If you find any of these Contact an Admin or Staff member immediately and do not notify other players about it (unless the intent is to warn them of possible damages to their character)


  1. Multi-client is allowed but limited to a maximum of 5 (five) accounts per IP address. This limit stands over long periods of time, so if you are more than 1 person per IP address, you can still log more accounts than the limit for short periods of time of activity. As long as you do not leave them AFK. Even so, if we find a specific situation where this limit is still high enough to be considered abusive, we will request to log out a certain number of accounts. This possible abusive behavior is determined by any Admin/GM Judgment.


  • Leaving AFK alt characters is permitted, but gathering them together in small transit areas is not allowed (near teleporters, small cities, villages, etc). If you wish to leave AFK alt characters, do so by spreading them over a large area (or different areas) so as to not cause unnecessary lag on a particular zone.
  • No multi-client or alt characters are allowed in Nation Wars. This is to prevent avoidable imbalances between nations. Also, if you entered the Nation War, but if at any given time (for any reason) you decide to go AFK/idle for the remaining of the event, you must get out of the Nation War (you will still get the rewards after the event ends). In other words, only real active participants are allowed in Nation Wars.


  • Players may not multi-client in PvP combat. (Meaning you cannot attack with multiple characters outside of safe zones or any PvP related combat) You may, however, use buff alts outside safe zone or in safe zones. This rule includes TW instances, GM related events, and other specific areas unless specified otherwise.


  1. This is a PvP server. All situations where the game permits to kill or hit another player are allowed unless otherwise specified ( i.e.: certain GM events or Automated Events). If we do not specify that Pk/PvP is Prohibited in a certain situation, it is allowed by default.

Check the Event Forums for further information on in-game events and their Pk/PvP policies.


  1. Players are allowed to use guards to follow them and try to get other AFK players killed by them if they are red named.

Players are not allowed to use guards in order to kill or Delineate bosses intentionally. Mobs abused in this method will drop Nothing.


  1. There are some items that have been removed from the game. If by any means you obtain one of the following items, it is considered a bug. Do not use the Item and report it immediately to a Staff Member. If in doubt about an item, first ask a Staff Member. These items are (but may not be limited to)

Any S+ War avatar and all disabled gear and weapons.


  1. For the time being, there is an artificial limit of 50 characters set in the maximum guild members of all factions.


Account rules:


  1. All accounts and characters are the property of Perfect World Frostburn and can be terminated without warning or reason (although is very rare that we will do so).
  2. It is your responsibility with whom you share your account details and information.


  1. The strongest indicator of “account ownership” is the email address that was used to register the account. Please, do not lose access to this email account.


  1. We are not responsible for account stealing or “ownership” disputes. Unless it can be proved that it was a result of a breach on our side, you are on your own and we will most likely not provide you support to recover items, characters, etc. Every case is unique, so contact an admin if in doubt.


  1. Selling or trading accounts is not allowed. Please beware of leveling, improving and equipping other players “abandoned” accounts as if they were your own as this is very risky if any dispute arises in the future.


  1. “Bashing” or “Insulting” the Server’s developmental status won't be tolerated. Our Admin’s & Staff members have worked tirelessly to tailor a game suited just for our community. Please try to be respectful towards our work.


General Rules:


  1. If you need to contact an Admin use one of the official communication channels.



  • Support ticket system through this website.
  • Facebook page messenger.
  • Forum private messaging.
  • Discord Private messaging.



  1. Use in-game chat to communicate with the GM’s only if its something quick, trivial, or situation related (Such as an Event or Official game broadcast)


  1. All communications with Admin’s/GM’s must be done respectfully and clearly. If reporting an issue or inconvenience, be as descriptive, objective and clear as possible. It is harder for us to help you if we have to decipher what you meant.
  1. Write clearly, use punctuation, use upper case only when necessary and structure your message in sentences and paragraphs as needed.
  2. You don’t need to be super formal unless you wish to. Only polite and Respectful.
  3. DO NOT insult the Admin’s/GM’s or any other Staff Members or players, and be as concise as possible. Remember Staff Members are there for you, We can reject service if required.
  4. When initiating a message, chat or conversation it is best if you state your business from the get-go and do not just write empty messages such as “Any GM over here?”
  5. We will reply ASAP, please do not spam us. If it’s evident that we might have missed the message because of no reply or further interaction.  Given a couple of days or weeks (Support Tickets or Direct messages) It is ok to check again with us.
  6. No Advertising of anything that is not server related in any of our sites or in-game. This includes other servers or games, and products/services that are not Perfect World Frostburn related. (This rule does apply for the Servers Official Discord or other Multimedia platforms.)
  7. No spamming or posting irrelevant/inappropriate content in the forums or any other of our sites or in-game. This also applies to sensitive/personal information of other Staff Members.

Territory War Rules:


  1. All guilds may bid, outbid and attack any territory of the map, may it be taken by a guild or not.
  2. All bids, outbid attacks and other TW related actions must be done with a clear intent of “Probable positive gain”. This means that if a guild bids on a territory, it is because they have a reasonable chance to win the territory, and intend to be present at the battle. It is prohibited to bid or attack territories with the sole intent of just hindering or harming other guilds without gaining anything else. In short, just bid only if you plan to have a real TW. (No FAKE bidding).
  3. If in doubt whether you are in conditions to bid, ask an Admin/GM beforehand.


Other Notes:


  1. The penalties for each of the rules will depend on the situation. As a rule of thumb, we will usually first give a warning and if repeated, an exponentially increasing temporary ban until permanent.

If the Infraction is severe enough, we will skip warnings and/or soft bans altogether (i.e.: hacking)


  1. The Admin’s/GM’s will try to abide by this rule as much as possible but will rely on their judgment to treat situations that are out of the scope of these rules. The Admin’s/GM’s have the final say, even if it partially goes against the rules if it is considered necessary.


  1. Not knowing or not remembering any of the rules is no excuse to avoid penalties or disrespecting them.


  1. The game rules can be changed or modified at any given time without previous notice. We will, however, try to publicly announce it whenever it occurs.


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