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Game version 209


  • General event overhaul and re-schedule. Events now cover all server’s time slots and are mostly randomly chosen between a set of options. You can find more info in the updated event’s schedule forum thread.
  • Added new event “Random surprise chests
  • Added new event “Underwater Treasures
  • Added new event “Power Altar
  • Added new event “Cursed Ground
  • Added two new “boss spawn” events:
    • Vengeful Abomination (will spawn inside Elysium Village)
    • Archer Captain (new boss. Will spawn at Plain of Farewells)
  • Dreamweaver Port invasion:
    • Dreamweaver Siege quest: Increased and improved rewards. Now they are similar to the Thousand Streams City invasion rewards but with a different title.
    • Drops: Doubled drops for normal mobs and tripled them for Lieutenant mobs. Also improved them so FBT, Frozen Box and Blood Shard have more chances of being dropped.
  • TSC Invasion:
    • Legion Shooter & Legion Drakefighter:
      • HP reduced by 10x (previously was increased by x100)
      • Damage reduced by half
  • Rancors:
    • Wraith Drakeri Sorcerer: Now also drops Frozen Box. FBT and titles drop chance was increased.
    • Wraith Drakeri Commander: Now also drops: Frozen Box, Lucky Coin, Ancient Emblem and Uncanny Ore. FBT drop chance was increased.
  • Dragon Temple:
    • Changed quests rewards:
      • Record Prologue -> 2 Frozen Box + fashion
      • The Record I, II, III -> 2 Frozen Box
    • Drops:
      • Improved Temple of the Dragon Guard & Undinox Watcher drops:
        • Fire Shard: 56%, FBT: 25%, Frozen Box: 10%, Lucky Coin, Ancient Emblem, Uncanny ore: 3%
      • Temple of the Dragon Elf: Now drops FBT instead of Fire Shard
    • Changed Hiding dragon seal quest rewards:
      • "Reward time” -> 40 FBT + 3 Frozen Box
      • "Taoist's Note" -> 100FBT + 5 Frozen Box + 3 Lucky Coin + 3 Ancient Emblem + 3 Uncanny Ore
  • Jungle Ruins:
    • Changed rewards for:
      • Correct ring: 100 FBT + 1 Frozen Box
      • Correct Jade: 500 Celestial Insignia + 200 FBT + 2 Frozen Box
  • Theater of Blood:
    • Heart of Blood exchange:
      • All default rewards now cost 1 HoB and give a lot of items
      • FBT exchange is now 1 HoB -> 2 FBT
      • Added Lucky Coin, Ancient Emblem and Uncanny Ore exchange for 50 HoB.
      • Added new temp title "Heart Seeker" exchange for 25 HoB
    • Purified Horn of Blood exchange quests:
      • Multiplied all rewards by 5
  • Monster’s Raid:
    • Frost Sleeper and Flame Stunner damage increased
    • Vanishing Token quest:
      • Now will be active at all times as long as you have Vanishing Tokens (so they can be "exchanged" even when the event is not running)
      • Removed accessory's shards except for Brilliance Stone and added a chance of getting Perfect Brilliance Stone.
      • FBT increased from 4 to 5
      • Added 10% chance of getting a Frozen Box
  • Frostburn Token Chests:
    • Frostburn Rebel: Re-assigned 5% drop chance from FBT to Frozen Box
    • Flame/Frost Rebel: Re-assigned 10% drop chance from FBT to Frozen Box
    • Frost/Flame minions: Now they have a small chance of dropping: Frozen Box, Basic Badge, Uncanny Ore, Lucky Coin, Ancient Emblem
  • Nation Wars:
    • Changed the rewarded item; Now will give new item “Nation War Token” instead of Supply Tokens.
    • Added new tab in the Contemplation Forge "N. War" where Nation War Tokens (NWT) can be exchanged for the following items:
      • Lucky Coin, Ancient Emblem, Uncanny Ore, Golden Coin, Gold Snake Cloth, FBT, temp event titles.
  • Most event temp titles stats were improved


Frostburn Merchant

  • Added "Frostburned" temp title. Costs 100 FBT, lasts 24hs and gives 20 of all title stats.
  • Added "Engravement Master" temp title. Costs 1 Lucky Coin + 1 Ancient Emblem + 1 Uncanny Ore, lasts 24hs and gives 50 of all title stats.


  • Added 4 new flyers for each race (except Nightshade since they already have all available flyers. Will probably add new custom ones in a future patch)


  • All invasion mobs will no longer drop coins to make drop-pickup faster
  • Added Gold Coin Conversion option to Lucky Coin to the Assistant Wang Tsai
  • Reduced "Powered By Banana" and "No Pain, No gains" titles duration to 1 day (from 7) since they no longer spawn weekly.
  • Improved Fly Hack detection system to prevent false positives
  • Added some donation titles
  • Added Aeons guild icon

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Posted : 01/03/2019 7:40 pm
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Game version 209a

Skill Balance

  • Psychic:
    • Earth Vector (Sage/Demon): Increased weapon damage from 100% to 200%
    • Sand Flood: Reduced Chi cost from 30 to 15
    • Shroud of Shadow: Reduced Chi cost from 300 to 200 and increased effect by 1 second (5-9 -> 6-10)
    • Stone Smasher: Increased radius from 8 to 12 meters and increased the debuff effect from 30% to 50%. Also Increased weapon damage from 400% to 500%.
    • Psionic Link: Reduced Chi cost from 200 to 100
    • Red Tide: Increased radius from 8 to 12 meters. Increased weapon damage from 200% to 500% and increased bleed chance from 80% to 100%
    • Note: All chi cost reductions still require the character to have at least the original required chi for the skill to be cast, but will only consume the "updated" chi value.
  • Venomancer
    • Ironwood Scarab (Demon): Changed pdef reduction from "0 pdef" to 180% pdef reduction
  • Barbarian:
    • ΩMighty Swing: Increased cooldown from 6 to 8 seconds
    • ΦMighty Swing: Increased cooldown from 5 to 7 seconds
    • Axe and Hammer Mastery: Reduced damage increase by 15%
  • Wizard:
    • Fire, Water, and Earth Masteries: Increased damage by 5% again (10% more than original settings in total)


  • Fixed Dragon Temple bug where event did not properly finish on time. Now all creatures will disappear at 22:00.
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Posted : 10/03/2019 7:12 pm
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Game version 210


  • Venomancer: Due to popular demand, we have reverted the "0 pdef" change introduced in version 209a
  • Archer: Changed the -10% channeling bonus to Defense Level +10. This edit is subject to change based on any anti-skillsender progress made in the future.


  • Paperclip for Villa:
    • Removed Hyper Exp stone reward.
    • Quest will now give: FBT x50, Basic Badge x5, Iron Key x2, and Marco Polo Title
  • Frozen Box rewards: Added reward options for: EoD, EoO and Basic Badge
  • Punish and Praise quest:
    • Added 5 Basic Badge reward.
    • Increased Gold Key reward from 1 to 2
  • Cursed Ghost reward (Cursed Ground event)
    • Added reward exchange options for: EoD x4, EoO x1, and Basic Badge x15
  • Great Power rewards (Power Altar event): Added Basic Badge reward chance.
  • Rancors: Mobs now have a small chance of dropping Basic Badge.
  • Added FluffyPaw guild icon

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Posted : 11/03/2019 6:54 pm
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Game version 211 - (Frostburn 2.1 soft re-launch)

Many changes happened in this version, so some details will be excluded for the sake of readability.

New systems

  • New Head Bounty system
    • Purchase the Head Bounty Contract from the Frostburn Merchant and use it to initiate the system.
    • Whisper to the player you want to place the bounty on
    • When someone kills that player, he will receive the bounty via mail
  • New automatic Trivia System
    • Every 10-20 minutes a trivia multiple choice question will be posted on world chat.
    • The first one that writes the correct answer on world chat within a time limit will win a reward (delivered via mail)

Gear related

  • Added new Shadow Gear
    • This gear is an improved version of R9r3 but has a 48hs time limit until it disappears. Because of this it cannot be sharded, refined or modified in any way.
    • Shadow gear can be obtained from the item Shadow Box which will let you choose the correct “shadow pack” for your class.
    • For new toons, the Shadow Box can be obtained from the Lv. 101 unique reward quest which will give you 3 of these items (so it can last up to 6 days).
    • After that, you will need to get it from a quest offered by the Frostburn Merchant twice a week. This quest will ask you for certain custom items that can be found in caves, quests, the boutique, and events.
  • Added new projectile "Frostburn Ammo" available in the Frostburn Merchant, which has the same stats as all other Frostburn projectiles.
    • All r9r2 & r9r3 slingshots, crossbows, and bows now require a projectile of type "Frostburn".
    • This will allow for different weapons to be exchanged in combat without being limited by the projectile type
  • Added new Item “Mold Box”
    • When opened, lets you choose the “Mold pack” for your class which will give you a random R9r3 mold for the selected class.
    • These items can be obtained from quests and events
    • To open a mold box you will require a “Mold key” which can be obtained from the boutique (similar to Frozen Box)

Quest related

  • New Pirate Infestation quest
    • Quest can be taken once a day from Lin Tsuchien located in Nightscream Island.
    • Requires to kill 100 of: Brigand Assassin, Pirate Minion, Hood of the High Seas.
  • Added 4 new daily kill quests for all the "daily event" bosses that can be taken from the Frostburn Merchant:
    • Frostburn Rebel on Steroids
    • Frenzied Fire Monkey
    • Vengeful Abomination
    • Archer Captain
  • Endless Universe can now be entered multiple times per day
  • Advanced Endless Universe’s quest “Jade Dragon Order” can now be completed up to 3 times per week.
  • Treasure Hunting rewards greatly improved


  • Added 40 new flyers that were remaining from this PW version (not for all classes)
  • Added 9 new mounts that were remaining from this PW version
  • Added Faction Base mats
  • Reduced Boundary pills price significantly


  • Re-enabled the Daily Horse race event. Available at default times (12:20 and 21:20 server time). Rewards have been changed to give FBT, custom titles and other items.
  • Added a set of custom weapon runes
    • These can be obtained from events/caves/quests such as UCH, TW, FSP, Heavenfall Temple, Paperclip for Villa, etc
  • Added new potion Inkdragon’s Blood to the Nation War forge
  • Faction Trials items can now be exchanged for Engrave Items at the “Fortifications: Engrave” forge.

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Posted : 05/05/2019 5:14 pm
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Game version 212

  • Trivia:
    • Improved trivia reward since it can no longer be spammed: More FBT and more chances of getting EoD, EoO or Frozen Box
  • Frenzied Fire Monkey:
    • Increased drop of Gold Snake Cloth and Golden coin from 0.2% to 1%
    • Reduced HP from 30kk to 20kk
  • Fortifications forges:
    • Removed Fortifications: Hone forge since it was not being used
    • Removed Seal and Dark tab on Fortifications: Engrave since those items were not available
  • Shadow Gear:
    • Added 10k Soulforce to all amulets to compensate the Soulforce reduction caused by lack of refinement on this gear
    • Shadow Samsara (Seekers): Increased mdef reduction by 1% and magical defense from 300 to 400
  • Nation Wars:
    • Increased Towers defenses and health
  • Pirate King:
    • Lowered HP to 1/3 (from ~214kk to ~71kk)
    • Quest: Increased rewards to FBT x 300 (from 100), Uncanny Ore, Lucky Coin, Ancient Emblem x3 each (from 1), Added 2 frozen box, Added 2 Essence of Darkness, 1 temporal Title.
  • Event Boutique:
    • Enabled Event Boutique (press O and then go to the "Event" tab)
    • Added gear and accessory shards
    • Added 41 new fashion weapons to the event boutique (not equally distributed for all classes)
    • Added 41 all class pets to the event boutique. Some of these pets can already be obtained from the game from different sources.
    • Event gold will be obtainable only from donations and GM hosted events (can also be from offline events such as screenshot contest, etc)
    • All donations will receive roughly the same number of event gold as normal gold. Just send a ticket or PM Vix about it, mentioning the character you would want the Event Gold item to be delivered to. This also retroactively applies to all donations since 2.1 relaunched. 
    • More items will be added in future patches

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Posted : 15/05/2019 6:56 pm
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