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Game version 31 (hotfix)


  • R8R: Fixed unintentional change introduced in the last patch for archer's 2 pieces bonus: Defense level reduced from 15 to 10.
  • Fix bug with Hidden Dragon Den introduced in the last update.

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Posted : 28/10/2017 4:24 pm
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Game version 32

Reawakened Rank 8 set

  • Fixed Moon Lord Armor set bonus which incorrectly gave +15 Defense Level to +10 Defense Level
  • 2 pieces bonus set changed for:
    • Cleric: from 15 to 20 defense level
  • 4 pieces bonus changed for:
    • Wizard: from 20 to 25 attack level
    • Venomancer, Barbarian, Blademaster: from 15 to 20 attack level

Frostburn Merchant

  • New Frostburn Bless Box: Gives 3 different bless boxes to chose from (attack, defense, both).
  • Ice Shard and Fire Shard can be exchanged for Frostburn Token (a bit expensive but its intended to give more utility to extra Shards and coin).
  • TT, Lunar, Nirvana quests: Max times per day requirement removed; now can be done as many times as wanted.

Events and quests

  • Frostburn Chest event: Mobs and chests are now spawned in a slightly bigger area.
  • New daily event "Haunted Forest"
    • Every day at Ruins of the Exiled (North to Dawnglory).
    • From 22:00 to 22:30
    • Enraged Zombie Trooper & Warlock mobs will spawn in the area which drops nice rewards.
    • 20 minutes after the event started, an Enraged Zombie Leader will appear in the area, which also has the same drop items.
    • Drops: Ice cluster, Frostburn Token, SoA, SoD, Frostburn Bless Box, 5 Million Big note, DoD, DoT, Ancient Emblem, Frozen Box.

Caves and mobs

  • Most custom bosses (rebels, etc) now deal more damage and are tougher. Also, drop was modified to be chance based instead of fixed (on average should give similar numbers).
  • Boss which now drop Frozen Box (more info in Misc section): Burial Inferno, Frostburn Rebel, Frostburn Rebel on Steroids y Frenzied Fire Money. They all have 10% chance of drop, except  Burial inferno which has 5% chance.


  • Changed promo tab items
  • Frostburn Bless Box can be obtained here as well.
  • Added espionage potion to Utility -> Combat tab
  • Moved revelation Potion to Utility -> Combat tab
  • Spirit of Defense and Spirit of Attack added to Utility -> Combat tab
  • Frozen Key added to Shop -> Misc tab
  • Added 5 new female Fashion sets and 5 new male Fashion Sets


  • Contemplation Forge: Added Reawakening VI Finger Bead, which is an expensive precursor to some new end game gear detailed below.
  • Contemplation Forge: Added new tome "Emperor".
  • Light Envoy Jade Snow: added Mortal Slaughter and Solar Manifestation rings, but only the corresponding defense options (eg: physical ring gives physical defense when refined).
  • New item "Frozen Box" which can be obtained from certain boss drops and requires a "Frozen Key" to open, which can be bought in the boutique. When opened you can choose a reward between Frostburn Token and Dragon Blood Stone.

"These violent delights, have violent ends"
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Posted : 29/11/2017 2:50 pm
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Game version 33

Events and quests

  • Snowman mobs (for snowman event) default drop changed to include Frostburn Token, Ice Cluster, Christmas Titles, 5 Million Big Note, DoT, DoD and more.
  • New bosses for custom Christmas event added
  • Christmas Stocking (quest given from Snowman tamer) rewards changed: Christmas fashion, Ice Cluster, Frostburn Token, Ancient Emblem, Frozen Box, Xmas Fashion Box

Caves and mobs

  • Custom bosses damage increased (Frostburn Rebel, Frenzied Fire monkey, etc).
  • Heavenfall Temple rewards edited to randomly include Frostburn Token, Ice Cluster, Ancient Emblem, Dot, and DoD.


  • New Christmas fashion added (5 male sets and 5 female sets)
  • Added more fashion weapons
  • Added 2 new mounts
  • Added special Christmas mount: Rudy the reindeer


  • Four new Christmas titles added, which will be rewarded from Christmas events
  • Christmas city decorations enabled

"These violent delights, have violent ends"
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Posted : 19/12/2017 8:04 pm
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Game version 34

Frostburn Merchant

  • Added exchange of Fire Shards and Ice Shards for Uncanny Crystals and Rapture Crystals
  • Perfect Token of Luck price increased slightly
  • Accessory Socket Stone price increased

Events and quests

  • Archosaur Invasions: Mobs now have a small chance of dropping Frostburn Token
  • Daily login quest rewards modified for remaining months
  • Some custom bosses were added
  • Added small chance of Golden Coin drop to: Frostburn Rebel on Steroids, Frenzied Fire monkey
  • Added a more significant chance of Golden Coin drop to new boss "Vengeful Abomination" (only spawned by GM's for now)
  • Added new mine type "Small Frostburn Token chest" that when opened will give 1 Frostburn Token (sometimes 2)
    • These new chests are spread all over the main world map and respawn every 30 mins. They are generally located near most of the Paperclip for Villa quest towns. Usually outside the safe-zone and somewhat hidden. They will always respawn at the same spot.
  • Frostburn Letter of Help quest rewards increased to 3k Fire Shards 3k Ice Shards and 1.5k Element Catalyst.
  • Merit Badge: Added 25 items trade-in option. Also adjusted the Fire Shards rewards values.
  • Wraith's Officer Badge: Added 1000 items turn-in option.
  • Celestial Energy: Fire Shards rewards increased to 50 and coins increased to 10k.
  • Sky Pirate Drake: Changed the Mirrorflower Treasury items (Coral, Conch, and Pearl) exchange. Now they can be exchanged for Frostburn Tokens.
  • Frostburn Token Chest event: Chests and mobs "camps" will now spawn farther apart from each other.

Caves and mobs

  • Quicksand Maze: Added exchange of Skypool Scriptures for Frostburn Token to the Shade's Embrace: Genesis forge.


  • Promo tab items changed
  • Christmas fashion and mount were removed
  • Added Wraith Officer's Badge
  • Added Ruby Guardian Charm and Ruby Spirit Charm
  • Lowered the price of:
    • Perfect Token of luck
    • Most skill books
    • All Guardian and Spirit Charms
    • Wedding Candy
    • Accessory Socket Stone
    • Inv. Extension Stone
    • Super Inv. Extension Stone
    • Safe Extension Stone
    • Super Safe Extension Stone


  • Pw Boutique Agent: Uncanny Ore bulk crafting added
  • Assistant Wang Tsai: Added new item exchange: Lucky Coin for Golden Coin, which is used for advanced engraves.
  • Increased Wraith Officer's badge and Wraith General Order max stack
  • Hidden Dragon Den teleport added to Illusion Stone
  • GM Cryo added to Frostburn Notice Board message
  • Various event titles were added that will be used for rewards for some GM hosted events
  • Custom donation titles added

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Posted : 10/01/2018 1:30 am
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Game version 35

Spiritual Cultivation

  • Added new quest to Frostburn Merchant "Frostburn Cultivation" which gives you the cultivation level of Aware of Vacuity and 2 sparks. This quest can be taken at any level and has no other requirements.
  • All cultivation quests between level 10 and 89 can now be trashed, so they are optional. There are some quests that are automatically given, so you will need to complete it up to a stage where this is no longer the case in order to trash it permanently.
  • All cultivation quests can still be done, but beware that they will "downgrade" your cultivation level and sparks if you have already done the Frostburn Cultivation quest. Luckily, that quest can be done multiple times, so you can go back to Aware of Vacuity if you completed another quest by mistake.
  • Once you have taken the Sage/Demon quests, the "Frostburn Cultivation" quest should not be available. This is to prevent from downgrading from Sage/Demon to aware of Vacuity. A warning message has been included in the quest in case this "mutual exclusion" glitches.
  • In order to be very clear: Do not take this new quest if you are already Sage/Demon.

Frostburn Merchant

  • Meta Shards removed; Now you can craft the utility items directly with Fire Shards. The option to convert Meta Shard to Fire Shard was added for anyone who still had some remaining.
  • Added Gold Gear Token and Tome of Cultivation to the Upgrade tab.

Events and quests

  • Bounty Hunter (99-): Changed rewards to give Frostburn Token and Fire Shards instead of Mystical Pill and Training Esoterica.
  • Roll Call: Replaced mystical pill and Training Esoterica rewards for Perfect Token of Luck and Lucky Coin.
  • Mirrorflower Treasury quests: Reverted the reward of one of the options from Frostburn Token to Vitae (as it was initially), and increased the Frostburn Token for the one that used to give Primordial Bloods.
  • Punish and Praise: Added Ancient transcript, Original Lore, Skyhidden Scroll and Earthbless Tome as additional rewards (depending on level).

Caves and mobs

  • Harpy Wraith: Increased defense and added the following drop: Dragonling Essence, Frostburn Token, 5 M Big Note, Frostburn Bless Box, Chrono Page, Dragon Blood Stone, DoD, and DoT.
  • Removed OHT items from World Bosses drop. Added Frostburn Token, Barbaric Blood, and Dragon Blood Stone instead.
  • Twilight Temple: Drops increased and improved significantly (particularly for Single Mode).
  • Lunar Glade and Warsong City: Greatly increased the drop rates of "Vile" bosses (quest: Face a Powerful Enemy)
  • Endless Universe chest: Flowing Crystal pack reward increased from 5 to 20.
  • Advanced Endless Universe:
    • Aurogon, The Dragon Emperor: Drop amount increased slightly.
    • Drake Certificate quest now gives 2 Endless Dragon-Emperor Chest.
    • Removed the Flowing Crystal pack option from the chest. Now chance per skillbook is increased from ~1% to ~5%.
  • New high-level farming mobs (drops similar to Shadowtide camp):


  • Changed Promo tab items.
  • Reduced Gold Gear Token Price from 50 to 20.
  • Reduce Tome of cultivation Price from 75 to 30.
  • Added Genies+ to the Utility -> Combat tab.
  • Added Wishful Wing Token to the Flyers->Upgrade tab.
  • Added 2 new mounts.


  • New guild icon for Magical
  • Changed Frostburn Token drop color (hopefully)
  • Added a bigger craft amount of Wine in the PW Boutique Agent NPC.
  • Golden Coin: Price reduced from 99999 to 25000 Lucky Coins.
  • Removed Warsoul weapon molds from Warsoul Spirit NPC.
  • Added around 15 "Starter Frostburn Token chest" spread around Celestial Vale, which give 1 Frostburn Token each (respawn: 1 hour).

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Posted : 17/02/2018 4:36 pm
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Game version 36

Frostburn Merchant

  • Added accuracy shard exchange

Events and quests

  • Preparations for Easter event
  • Mirror Flower Treasury Quests: Increased the Frostburn Token Reward from 2 to 3 for the 10 Coral exchange quest.

Caves and mobs

  • Harpy Wraith: Removed dragonling essence drop; Now all other drops are higher.
  • Pirate King:
    • Increased damage
    • Now the quest also gives 15 Dragoon Blood Stone
  • Lothranis and Momaganon "farm" mobs:
    • Halved their respawn time
    • Removed unnecessary extra drop.


  • Added basic sage/demon skill books to boutique under "other" ->"S.booksI/II" tabs
  • Reduced the price of vitae items in the boutique by 50%
  • Reduced the price of Apocalypse Page, Old Book Page, Page of Fate, and Advanced Mystical Tome Page significantly
  • Renamed "Shop" -> "Skills" to "Shop" -> "Pages"
  • Added 6 fashion sets for each gender


  • Made Priomordial Bloods tradable (If you have old ones in your inventory, Simply add 1 new one into the old ones stack and it will rewrite all of them to trade-able! DO NOT STACK OLD ONTO NEW, it the effect will be reversed.)
  • Added Frostburn Notice Board to Archosaur West and Celestial Vale

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Posted : 24/03/2018 6:03 pm
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Game version 200


Version 200 marks the start of the official Frostburn 2.0 release


You can find more info about the new version general changes here:

Frostburn Revamp forum post

Server info

Beginners guide




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Posted : 29/09/2018 8:43 pm
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Game version 201

Boutique changes:

  • Lowered the boutique price for Ruby charms, Cupboard stone, Inv. Stone, Super Inv. Stone & Crafting training items.
  • Added missing skill books Leap Left & Leap Right to the Boutique.
  • Increased the number of “Mats” given per purchase from the Boutique.
  • Added Ultimate Substance & Essence of Nature to the Boutique. (Under the Other -> Misc Tab) Or simply use the search function.
  • Added Generals Summer’s Token & Metal of glory to the Boutique. (Under the Utility -> Upgrade Tab) Or simply use the search function.
  • Added Eye of Observation to the Boutique. (Under the Shop -> Misc Tab) Or simply use the search function.

FBM Changes:

  • Added Dragon Orb Ocean (+10) to Frostburn Merchant.
  • Added Fruit, Wild Ginseng & Venison to the “Veno” Tab in the Frostburn Merchant.
  • Fixed Frostburn Merchant’s “Drake Fling” Kill order quest. It will now require the proper boss. (It should now work in squad mode.)
  • Added Eye of Observation, Ultimate Substance & Essence of Nature to the Frostburn Merchant’s Misc tab.

NPC Changes:

  • Added Valley of Disaster(59) back to the Illusion Stone.
  • Removed some unneeded requirements for Chrono World Teleports in Illusion stone. (They should now be available like any other port.)
  • Added Bulk Crafting for Uncanny/Rapture Crystals & Seal of War to the Contemplation Forge.
  • Added “Lunar mantle of Radiance” & “Lunar Glowing Mantle” to the Contemplation Forge.

Quest Related:

  • Enabled the quest to get the alternative Blademaster’s Rank 9 Weapons. (Spear, Blade, Fists). You can take the quest from the Commander-in-chief NPC. The required items are available in the boutique (see boutique changes).
  • Increased the rewards from the Dreamweaver Port Invasion quest. (You can take it from the Dreamweaver Port Elder).
  • Removed Dragon Messenger City of Abominations score spam on World Chat. (Hopefully!)
  • Increased the Faction Base Contract quest materials from 2 to 4.

Instance Changes:

  • Increased the Essence of Offense drop from Vile: The Incarcerate from 2 to 3.
  • Made Heaven & Hell completely Safe-zone as intended since initial release.
  • Removed a couple of bugged bosses from Hell/Heaven that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Class Rebalancing:

  • Reduced the damage dealt by Venomancer’s battle pets by about 20%. (Btw, it was already increased quite a lot from the default values)


  • Frostburn Chest Event (Automated):
    • Doubled the number of Frostburn Token’s collected from each chest.
    • Increased & diversified the Frost/Flame Rebel’s drop to include Perfect Brilliance stone, Ancient Emblem, Dayflame Soul, CoF Stamps, and other useful items.
    • Improved the drop rate of Frostburn Rebel’s rare items. (Lucky coin, Ancient Emblem & Uncanny Ore).


  • Added Faction icons.
  • Added Donation Titles (They will be sent out momentarily.)
  • Created Beta & Loyalty packs. Please read this -> Post for more information.

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Posted : 09/10/2018 4:34 pm
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Game version 202


  • Fixed Angel of Wishes x10 option giving just 1 item
  • Added demon/sage Chill of the Deep skill

Instance Changes

  • Delta can now be opened with only 3 characters
  • Fixed (again) the "Dark messenger" abominations spam


  • Made some Halloween preparations
  • Monsters raid:
    • Reduced quest time to 15 secs interval.
    • Now gives 4 FBT. Also changed some drop chances to give better items.
    • Mobs exp/sp increased from 1k to 10k. Their defenses have been slightly increased too.
    • Changed the Serpent Smacker title to be given through "extra drops" with a chance of 30% per mob kill (instead of 5%).
    • Increased Flame Stunner and Frost Sleeper damage
  • Frostburn chest event:
    • Improved Flame/Frost Rebel's drop chances
    • Added Essence of Defense and Essence of Offense to Flame / Frost Rebel.
    • Frostburn Token Chest reward increased to 20 Frostburn Tokens (with a small chance of giving 40)
  • Haunted Forest:
    • Increased and improved the Enraged Zombie Leader Drops: Now also drops Essence of Offense.
    • Added Essence of Defense drops to Enraged Zombies
  • Ship battlegrounds:
    • Kill or Die quest: Increased Frostburn Token reward from 10 to 15
    • Stay Here:
      • Is now given every 1 minute instead of 2
      • Rewards now include: Frostburn Token depending on luck (5, 10, 15), EoD, EoO, Frozen Box and Lucky Coin
  • Territory War (level 3):
    • Replaced all mobs drop with Ice Shards, Frostburn Token, Lucky Coin, Uncanny Ore, and Ancient Emblem.
    • Significantly boosted the mobs' important stats (Level, HP, defenses, attack)
    • Boss was significantly boosted as well and also has better drops (Frostburn Token, Lucky Coin, Golden Coin, Uncanny Ore, Ancient emblem, Gold Snake Cloth, R. Finger Bead)


  • Removed lower level rancor mobs from the world map
  • Made "Vile bosses" drop free-pick
  • Changed the drop of Sarokkan, the Dragon-Touched boss. Now includes a temporal title

Class rebalancing

  • Boosted seeker's pet "Angels of justice" defenses


  • Added Illusion Stone to Thousand Streams City
  • Reduced the Morai R9r3 molds prestige requirements from 8k to 4k
  • Added donation custom titles
  • Added Faction icons.


"These violent delights, have violent ends"
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Posted : 30/10/2018 6:06 pm
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Game version 203

Nation Wars

  • Enabled Nation wars.
  • Times are: Fridays and Sundays from 20:20 to 22:20, server time (GMT -1)
  • Doubled the previous Supply Token rewards
  • We will add better/improved rewards on a future patch

Boutique Changes

  • Lowered the price of “Stone of Refreshment” from 200 to 100 gold.
  • Added missing Mystic skill book “Clear Thoughts” to the skill tab.
  • Added “Immortal Charm” & “Heaven’s Edge charm” to the “Utility -> Combat” tab.
  • Added the following potions to the “Other -> Pots” Tab: “Sutra power orb, Charger orb, Vacuity powder, Dew of star protection, Crimson soul powder, God’s Tea, Samsara wheel. “

Item Changes

  • Increased all flyers speed from “3.3 - 6.3” to “6.3 - 8.3” (Normal - boosted). Old flyers will not be affected by this change, so please speak with a GM to trade your current flyer to the updated ones.
  • Archosaur & Thousand Streams teleport stones that are obtained from Unique Rewards chest, can no longer be traded.
  • Starter Helms given from Unique Rewards chest can no longer be sold or dropped.

Open World changes:

  • Boosted drop rates from Shadowtide Camp & Rotflesh Trench mobs.

Frostburn Merchant Changes:

  • Reduced the number of Ice Shards needed to craft a Frostburn Token from 20 to 15.

Balance Changes

  • Increased Frostburn Arrow damage from 250 to 300. Also increased the other Frostburn Projectiles damage.
  • Changed Archer's Firmament set bonus (R9r3) first addon (critical rate +3%) to channeling -10%
  • Note: More Balance changes will happen at a later time. They’re currently being worked on. We will announce more information later on.

Quest Changes

  • Greatly increased the number of Frostburn Token given by most daily quest (and others).
    • Vanished Ancestor/EX: from 10 to 20
    • Message delivery: from 1 to 5.
    • Complete Reawakening: from 1 to 5.
    • Crazy Stone (wedding inv): from 5 to 10.
    • Crazy Stone  (normal): from 5 to 10.
    • Darkgold Chest: from 3 to 10.
    • Lucidsilver chest: from 1 to 5.
    • Primal World Dailies: from 10 to 20.
    • Pirate King: from 50 to 100.
    • Morai Dailies: from 5 to 20.
    • Marriage dailies: from 5 to 15.
    • Cube of Fate: 5 to 15 (and 10 to 20 for Cube Crate).
    • Punish and Praise: from 20 to 50.
    • Paperclip for Villa: from 15 to 40.
  • Treasure Hunting:
    • Enlightened graph: 30 to 50.
    • Genesis, herbmaster, skylord graph: 15 to 25.
  • Iron Chest now give 1 Essence of Defense. They must be opened with Iron Keys that can be obtained from Paperclip for Villa quests.
  • Gold Chests now give 1 Essence of Offense. They must be opened with Gold Keys that can be obtained from Punish and Praise quest.
  • Quest “Fall’s Fall” can now be done by players of all levels:
    • Rewards (Randomly chosen)
      • 15 FBT
      • 1 Lucky Coin
      • 1 Ancient Emblem
      • 1 Uncanny Ore.

Instance Changes:

  • Warsong City's Vile: The Incacerate - Drop increased from 3 to 4 Essence of Offense.
  • Heaven & Hell “Earning Time’s” changed from 4 to 5 hours.
  • Nightscream Island: Added new “Auto-buff”.
    • This buff will give you the same effect as a “Revelation Potion” (ie: +31 Stealth detection)
    • The buff will be given automatically while in Nightscream Island, as long as you have 10 or more Blood Shards in your inventory.
    • It will last 30 seconds and then have a 10-20 seconds “cooldown” effect until its active again.
  • Changed Frostcovered city bosses & drops:
    • All bosses now drop:
      • Frostburn Token: 66% chance.
      • Frozen Box, Basic badge: 17% chance.
    • Infernobird Soul drops:
      • Frostburn Token: 40%
      • EoD, Frozen box, “Stones” (Brute, rouge, etc) DoT, DoD: 6.67%
    • Holeen drops:
      • Essence of Offense x1.
    • Increased all bosses damage by 10.
    • Holeen’s HP was increased by 10.
    • Quest “Sincerity” now gives a 24hr temp title.
    • Rewards from the “Chest of sincerity” have been changed to:
      • Frostburn Tokens x20: 75%
      • Uncanny ore, Lucky coin, Ancient Emblem, DoT, DoD, 10 Million Big note: 4.1%.


  • Added custom Donation Titles.
  • Added New Faction logos.
  • Doubled starter mob “Star Spirit’s” spirit given.
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