World Bosses  


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General information regarding World bosses, Locations & Drops.



All word bosses drop the same currently.


World Map

World map bosses should be on a 24hr interval.


Mystery of Antiquity

Location: (314 955)

Special: AoE Magic Attack, AoE Water Resistance decrease, Seal.


Location: (236 867)

Special: AoE Magic Attack, AoE Water Resistance decrease.

Minion of Death

Location: (172 787)

Special: Curse: Increased damage taken.

Cerberean Sentinel

Location: (159 976)

Special: AoE Stun

Ancient Spearman

Location: (252 755)

Special: Thunderball DoT, Random AoE earth DoT, Random AoE MP Drain.


Location: (162 427)

Special: Frontal AoE Physical attack, Stun.

Auprus: Ton

Location: (151 340)

Special: AoE Mp Drain, Stun

Shadow Doll

Location: (659 524)

Special: Decreases attack rate, AoE interrupt

Sonic Oppressor

Location: (553 437)

Special: Random physical attack

Soul Hunter

Location: (658 434)

Special: AoE channel slow, AoE Slow, AoE Maximum HP decrease, AoE Stun.

Hornska Lord

Location: (653 390)

Special: AoE Stun, AoE physical attack, Increased physical attack.


Location: (440 752)

Special: MP drain, Random frontal AoE

Sword Tamer

Location: (488 571)

Special: Increased channeling, AoE chi drain, AoE poison.

Broadkris Drudge

Location: (438 471)

Special: AoE mana drain.


Chrono World Bosses

Chrono world bosses spawn on a hourly interval. You can enter the maps by the Illusion stone in any major city. All Chrono bosses drop the same as Main map.


Rottenflesh Abomination

Location: Map 1 (347 472)

Special: Physical Attack reflect, Random earth DoT.

Poleaxe Deathrider

Location: Map 1 (345 458)

Special: Stun, AoE physical attacks, Decreased attack rate, Mana drain, Random physical attack.


Location: Map 2 (334 597)

Special: AoE decreased attack rate, AoE Magic attack

Ossein Lord: Flame

Location: Map 2 (365 611)

Special: Seal, AoE seal

Earthen Hulk

Location: Map 3 (477 623)

Special: Random stun, Sleep, AoE Stun

Ossein Lord: Venom

Location: Map 3 (422 570)

Special: Decreased Evasion, Metal DoT, AoE Magical attacks, AoE Metal DoT.

Hellgate Watchdog

Location: Map 4 (463 520)

Frostagelion Type-0

Location: Map 4 (477 476)

Special: AoE Magical attacks.


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