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Soulgem conversion is simply increasing the value of a higher level Shard to a greater Shard, or completely replacing a current imbued Shard to a different one. You can even Swap out your current highest level Shard to the opposite type. Meaning Deity Stone -> Jade of Steady Defense. This is costly but a good method if you don't want to completely purify your set.

Example: Diamond of Tiger -> Deity Stone


Diamond of Dragon -> Jade of Steady Defense


Please note, you cannot replace a current shard with a lower level value. You also cannot replace a shard of  higher level  into a  lower weapon.

Soulgem Conversion is rather costly, but effective for maintaining your end game gear. You'll require a abundance of Coins and Flowing Crystals, and of course whatever shards you prefer.

You can obtain Flowing Crystals by the Boutique.

Simply navigate to the MISC tab or search the item name in the Boutique search bar.


Once you got your required items, You'll head to any of the PW Boutique Agent (Click for Coords) NPC's

Speak to the NPC and click on Soulgem Conversion, The screen will show a vague explanation of what it does.


For a few people that already know, This is how you get Deity Stones and Jades of Steady Defense.

Currently Jades of Steady Defense can be crafted at the Jewelcraftsman NPC under the Power tab.

If you didn't want to purify your gear set you can simply use this method to Replace your currently sharded gear into a JoSD or a Deity Stone.


To create a Deity Stone


Simply put your gear into the tab. The main options will pop up underneath the weapon or gear piece.

As shown above, My weapon has a current Deity Stone imbued in it. The Transform button will allow me to Transform it into a JoSD
The Replace button will allow me to replace the current shard with any other higher level gem, As long as my weapon's level meets the shards requirement.


Below the Deity Stone is a Diamond of Tiger.

The Transform button will allow me to upgrade it. You can choose to upgrade it into a Diamond of Dragon,

Or by having 2 more Diamond of Tigers to fully upgrade it into the Deity Stone.



I think that covers it, If I happened to have missed anything simply let me know and I'll add it in. I hope this helps the ones that had questions 🙂


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