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Shadow gear

This is a special kind of gear in that is inherently temporal. Once you get it it will only last for 48 hours and then it will disappear. It is slightly stronger than R9r3.

How to get it:

  • The only way to get it is through the item "Shadow box"
  • New toons will receive 3 Shadow Box in their Lv 101 Unique reward quest.
  • Otherwise, you can get it from the "Get Shadow Box" quest at the Frostburn Merchant
    • This quest can only be taken twice a week
    • It will ask you for 200 Frostburn Tokens, 50 million coins and some special "essence" items (5 each)

Essence items:

These items are required to obtain the Shadow Box item

  • Essence of Gloom: Obtained from the boutique
  • Essence of Shade: Daily quests
  • Essence of Umbra: Certain caves
  • Essence of Darkness: Events

You can find more info about where to get these items in our updated "Where can I get this" guide.

Special properties:

  • Expires after 48 hours
  • Cannot be traded or exchanged in any way
  • Cannot be refined, sharded or improved
  • All addons are fixed
  • Has the same set bonus as R9r3 gear

Do I need still to get R9r3?:

You will most likely still need to get R9r3 set because of the following reasons:

  • Shadow gear last only 4 days per week max, so there are 3 remaining days where you have to use another gear
  • Gear can expire when you no longer have the mats to get another one
  • R9r3 is still more customizable
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