what role Gold in t...

what role Gold in the game  


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22/11/2018 9:20 am  

you guys want to take frist position in vote sites but a player he does not need that thing to authoriss him not to do ty and plz i have noticed these last days as many who have joined here but played by the hardest of them how they can run WS or lunar alone and old player are satisfied to kill new/ farmer so how u can make this server more pvp withoot player lf u can add someting have good role in endgear in boutiiq that cool like mold R93 or basic badg like this and ty

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22/11/2018 1:21 pm  

Morai give r93 mold and lunar able to solo. Joining guild also an option to gear you up and ask them for help. If u need FBTs u can farm hell and heaven auto culti for 5 hours  for 2 accounts u can earn 1000fbts for r9 2 ithink its not hard right? 

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22/11/2018 6:48 pm  

We have added multiple ways to farm items and are continuing to add more methods to get them, even made all necessary gear items trade able to counter majority of the problems.

As player dadan stated you can join a guild and majority of them will help you with farming necessities. Sometimes even our Support members or even regular players great parties to run certain instances as well

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