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Same Sex marriage has now been made available.


What will I need to do?

You will need to submit a post below, or private message me directly (Sol) in order to have the service done.

You will need the items in order to get married. Meaning you will need 2 "Stamp of Eternity" or 2 " Silk of Eternity" from the Groom/Bride packs.

We will trade in-game and then your marriage can be processed.

Will my marriage quest still work?

This service is for cosmetic purposes only. The quest may glitch due to this service.


In your post or messages please include the following:

If its a direct message title the message "Marriage"

In your post or message, please include both character names. So we can have the service prepped.

Include the times you and your partner will be available in-game so we can have it processed.


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