[Closed] +11/+12 items 😉  


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28/06/2017 5:44 pm  


We know that it's against the rules to refine more then a +10 an item. Now that NO people dont care about GM or server rules, we are curious what GM's will do after this. NoVa was online when +12 ring SS was taken and he didnt do nothing. Dont start with BS like send a ticket bcoz this it's server related and show no respect for GM, server rules or other players. Thx <3



*Edit* As stated before multiple times, Please report any issues directly using a Ticket, Forum Private message, or Discord Private message directly to any of the Staff members of your choice. This issue was already resolved earlier today, Just wanted to remind the community that its more appropriate to directly converse with the Staff about problems. If any problems arise in the future, Please use the proper methods of contact. Thank you 🙂 - Sol

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