(In-Game Event) Rebel Hunt  

GM Admin

This event is simple, the Staff Member will spawn Rebel's and their Minion's in random locations around the World Map or Other maps and list down "Hints" of their location.

There will be no generalized time for this event, Please be aware of the forum post/Discord to know when the event has been updated or redone.


There will be a total of 10 Location Hints listed down on a "reply" to this forum post. There may be 2 Bonus Locations depending on the Staff member.


Each Rebel and their Minion will be spawned permanently until they're slain. Unless noted otherwise by the GM.

(Note: If server happens to be reset for updates, This will cause them to despawn.)


The Locations will be checked Daily by the Staff member who did the event so the List can be updated with the killed off  locations.



For any Newbies that don't know what Rebel's or their Minion's are, Check out this link!

Click Me



Currently there are no specified rules for this event. The players that kill the bosses first get the drops as rewards.

Understand, They will be outside of Safe Zone! You risk the chance of being PK'ed.

(Some Rebels/Minions may be in a Safe Zone.)

Please understand, Rules are always subject to be changed by Staff members at any time.




Rebels/Minion's drop (x) Amount of Frostburn Tokens.



Discord Channel:

Discord Invite

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Frostburn Beginner's Guide! :

Posted : 03/09/2017 12:29 am
GM Admin

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Hunter's Hints   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



1.  The unearthed Tombstones guard  the tide from the fleeing Rebels. -Slain


2. I need the Inky Orchids for the festival! Maybe the summonbot can help me farm! - Slain


3. The Bloody Jade used to be the most corrupted crystal.. Maybe thats why the highlands are corrupted with wraith. - Slain


4. They say the lake's name comes from the Seal being in the middle... Though the ancient dragon protects it. -Slain


5.  Lady Tsai said the mud from the swamp has amazing healing properties.. to bad the wraiths guard it. -Slain


6. The watcher of time has so much Glory.


7. The Fortress lays in shambles... I must push on the camp is nearby. - Slain


8. The Rebel forces are seeking shelter in the ruins.. The Strongman should make their move and reclaim what was lost. - Slain


9. There's a disturbance in the Plains. It was so silent for so long. - Slain


10. The Sparrows have been scared away from the beach by all these Tarantulax. - Slain



Goodluck players! If you have any questions direct message me.


Updated as of 9/7

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Frostburn Beginner's Guide! :

Posted : 03/09/2017 5:06 am

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