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[Automated Event] Random Surprise Chests  

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Random Surprise Chests

Location: Archosaur's central "pillars" (the ones with a rotating spherical structure on top).

Type: PvE


Inside Archosaur, 16 chests will appear above theĀ south-west pillar(538,640 ^30). When opened they will give an item. Only half of these chests have a "level 1 key", the other half will only give a minor reward.

If you got a "level 1 key" you can then go to the north-west pillar(537,670 ^30). There will be 8 "level 1 chests" which require a "level 1 key" to open. Only half of those chests will have a "level 2 key". The others will only give a standard reward.

This process continues on to the north-east pillar(566,668^30), and then to the south-east pillar(567,639^30), where only 1 chest will have the final key. The player who gets the "level 4 key", will be able to open the "level 4 chest" located in the circular platform above the crossing bridges in central Archosaur. (552, 652^27)


  • "Fake" chests: Frostburn Token, Frozen Box
  • Final chest: "Surprise Chest Reward" item -> When opened will give an event temp title, 200 Frostburn Token, and one of the following:
    • Lucky Coin, Ancient Emblem, Uncanny Ore x5
    • Golden Coin, Gold Snake Cloth x1
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