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It has been brought to our attention that the patcher "news" images are a little bit outdated...

I thought that it might be a good idea to spice it up and make a contest instead of just posting other random images. Plus I get to work on more pressing issues.


  • Images can be anything PW related, but should be either a "cool"/nice looking image or something that depicts the server. Some examples:
    • A nice screenshot showing the Frostburn Merchant
    • A screenshot from Haunted Forest event
    • Some PW concept art image with some text message like "don't forget to vote" (similar to the current ones)
  • Images must be in PNG format and have a 462x220 pixels resolution.
  • Images are small, so be creative and use that space well
  • You can edit your screenshot however you want. As long as its appropriate.
  • You may submit multiple screenshots if you like, but please submit it on one post. This will only count as 1 Entry.
  • You can have other players in your Screenshots with you to fit your "Theme" however you like. Only the owner of the Entry will be getting the reward though.
  • In your submission, you must include your characters name that you want your rewards sent to.
  • All submissions will be judged based on creativity and effort.
  • Stealing or using any others work will automatically get you disqualified.
  • There is no submission deadline (for now). All images that we include in the patcher will receive a reward. There will be 4 active images at any given time.


  • There will not be first, second, third places, etc. The reward will be higher or lower depending on the quality and effort of the image. So, for example, if all 4 selected images have the same quality/effort level, then they will receive the same reward.
  • Rewards will be:
    • 300-600 gold
    • 500-1500 Frostburn Token

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