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[In-game Event] Guild VS Guild event and rules  

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I will be hosting a Guild v Guild event Sunday at 14;00 server time. 

Please read the rules below and understand them fully before you apply to the event. If you have any questions please message me any questions you may have in-game or on discord.


1. No class may be repeated. All players of each team must be different classes. (Rainbow squad)

2. Squad buffs only allowed. If you have no barb you shouldn't have barb buffs etc.

3. No outside help will be allowed.

4. You must turn in 5 members tho only 4 will take part. The added person is a stand by in case one member cant make the date set for the event.

5. All members of the team must be from the guild at the time of the event.

6. No alts are allowed each player must be a different person.

7. No trash talk allowed before, during or after the event. Disregarding this rule may ban you from future events hosted by me.

8. If you do not turn in names on the date given your guild will not be allowed to take part. Which is Saturday the day before the event. So teams line up can be made to insure fairness Also make sure no alts are taking part.

9. No one is allowed to take part in two guilds. You may only have one toon in the event period.

10. No other pk will be allowed in or around the event area.

11. All players must be from the guild they are in teams with. Factionless players are not allowed to take part in the event.

12. All pots and skills allowed. This doesn't count Spirit of Defense or Spirit of Assault pills. (read rule 2)

13. A 15 min time limit is given. If time limit is reach a draw will happen and both teams will go to the next round.

14.Only one warning will be given for first offense of rule breaking but if it happens again the whole team will be immediately disqualified.

15. The place the event will be taking place is City of misfortune. No flying is allowed nor can you leave the area which will be marked on the map. If you leave you will be counted as dead and will have to leave the round.

 Note: The Staff has the right to change any of the rules above at any given moment. Please make sure to check them before the event!

Rewards are as following 

2 Reawakening VI Finger beads

1 Golden Snake Cloth 

500 FBT

The rewards are for the winning team and will be given to each team member of that team via mail by Sol



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