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Cursed Grounds

Location: Lake of Blood

Type: PvP


Cursed Fiend mobs will spawn inside the Lake of Blood. You can kill them for good rewards, including "Cursed Amulets" which can then be exchanged with the "Cursed Ghost" NPC who is located at the center of the lake.

Be aware that "exploding hands" will spawn randomly all across the lake and will deal a great amount of damage to players that are nearby when they explode.


  • Drops: Frozen Box, Frostburn Token, Cursed Amulet, EoD, EoO, Perfect Brilliance Stone, Lucky Coin, Ancient Emblem, Uncanny Ore.
  • Cursed Amulet quest: Gives a Cursed Ghost Reward, which when opened will let you select one of the following:
    • Custom temp title that lasts for 24 hours and gives good stats.
    • Lucky Coin, Uncanny Ore, Ancient Emblem x2
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