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[Automated Event] Ship Battlegrounds  

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Ship Battlegrounds

The Ship Battleground is a Daily Automated event.

Location: Emerald Dragon Gulf (631, 654)

Players will have to fly and takeover the Battleship. Once you're in proximity of the ship you will gain 2 Quest.

Quest- "Kill or Die": Every kill will give you 15 FBT.

Quest- "Stay Here": Holding your own on the Battleground will grant you more rewards. Every 1 Minute you will be rewarded with random items.  List: Random amount of FBT, EoD, EoO, Frozen Box, Lucky Coin.

Both quests will fail if leaving the quest area. This area is a rectangle enclosing the Ship (as the Ship is not aligned with the map coordinates, it includes some sea area too).



- NO ALTS are permitted at this event.

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