[Automated Event] Frostburn Rebel on Steroids  

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The event will spawn a Frostburn Rebel on Steroids automatically at a specified location.


Frostburn Rebel on Steroids

This boss is one of our Elite bosses, He has 60M Hp, and very strong defenses. Main attacks are physical with a random Magic AoE. At certain HP intervals he will AoE Purge/Stun/Seal at random.

Note:* Staff members may use this boss in other events with a different skin! Pay attention to the names! *


Saturdays, 16:30-18:00 (Server Time)


Shadow Tide Alter (582 132)


This boss is far stronger then the Frostburn Rebel. You may require a small squad to take this boss down. It's recommended that you have at least end-game spirit, and Rank 9 Recast 2.



Steroid bosses drop a abundance of Frostburn Tokens!

All other items have a percent chance to drop.

 You can get the "No pains, No Gains" title from this boss.


Event Rules:

There are no specified rules for this event at this time.

Please understand the Staff has the right to change any rules as they see fit based on any situation they come across.

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