[Automated Event] Frenzied Fire Monkey  

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This event will automatically spawn a Frenzied Fire Monkey at a specified location.


Frenzied Fire Monkey


This boss is one of our Elite BossesThis boss has 30M HpHe will constantly AoE stun and he mainly deals physical damage. Be cautious this boss has quick APS. 

*Note: Staff members may use this boss with a different skin in other events. Make sure to check out the names! *


Sundays, 14:30-15:30 (Sever Time)


Land of the Burning Heart. Around (172 781)


Players are recommended to be Lv 100+ Rebirth 1 or 2 with partial spirit, with Nirvana cast 2 sets. Squads may be required as this boss is very tedious with his constant AoE stuns and APS attacks.




This boss will drop a abundance of Ancient Emblems, along with Frostburn Tokens. Golden coins have a very small % Chance to Drop.



There are no specified rules at this time for this event.

Please understand the Staff has the right to change any rules as they see fit based on any situation they come across.

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