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21/09/2018 5:43 pm  

Beta bug bounty-hunt


If you happen to find any bug, error, misconfiguration or anything that seems odd enough, report it here and you might get a gold reward after the beta finishes!

Although we hope not to find many bugs, if there are any we would like to resolve them before the official release.

The rules are as follows:

  • Report your issue in a post on this thread, specifying as much relevant information and details as possible (include screenshots or videos if you wish).
  • The reported issue should be unique and not have been reported previously, so check the other posts here first!
  • Personal one-time kind of issues may not be appropriate to post here and you can choose to send a ticket instead.
  • Anyone can report multiple times (of course, different issues), and get multiple rewards.
  • The amount will depend on various factors of the issue such as, impact, importance, exploitability, triviality, solvability, etc.
  • A reward is not guaranteed, if the issue is not important enough or it is something that is out of our reach to change. If in doubt, post anyways and we will tell you.
  • The gold will be given to the same account that is posting the issue, unless otherwise specified.
  • Suggestions are not considered bugs or errors, so if you would like to suggest a change in a boss drop, the price of an item, etc, please do it in the suggestions forum.
  • Let's keep it clean and only use this thread for reporting.


Let the bug hunt begin!

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Venomancer pet wont auto attack, goes randomly walking.

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24/09/2018 6:40 pm  
Posted by: Abdiel

Venomancer pet wont auto attack, goes randomly walking.

Hello, which venomancer pet was this? Also is the pet evolved?

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