PW Frostburn 2.0 soft re-launch

GENERAL UPDATE: After observing the results in the first weeks of the relaunch and being that the overwhelming majority of the rants comments we received from both old and new players have been in favor of reducing/removing the ban, we have finally decided to change the ban-lift date. Here are the details:

  • The ban will be lifted for all characters on May 20th (Monday), at 16:00 server time (UTC -1).
  • Server will be shut down for a couple of minutes and after that, all characters will be available to use again (For technical reasons, this is easier than just adjusting the ban time again).
  • Old characters will still have all the gear and items as the last time they were logged. No existing item was removed or disabled since 2.0.

That’s all for now. You can follow the discussion about this and other server related stuff in our official discord channel (please keep it civil).


(beginning of the original post…)

As previously hinted on Discord, we are planning on doing some significant changes to the server in order to hopefully bring the Frostburn community back to life.

Before going into the planned changes, let us review some of the past problems since 2.0 came out, and how they were solved/mitigated:

  • PvE farming issues: Farming areas were crowded and limited -> New PvE farming zones were added in Heaven/Hell + New ways to get items in dungeons such as TT or Frost.
  • It was hard to solo-farm some gear items -> We included a lot of options to get most of the needed items to craft r9r3 gear, so you don’t necessarily need to run WC with a squad to get them. Furthermore, most items can be obtained in more than one way so there is a lot of flexibility in that regard and you shouldn’t get stuck at any stage trying to get your gear.
  • Server was being attacked on a daily basis, making it impossible to play -> After a lot of hard work and perseverance, we finally set up some custom defenses which stopped the attacks completely and at the same time enabled us to develop some advanced monitoring features.
  • Some players were using some well-known hacks/cheats making the game unfair -> Again, after a lot of work, we were able to prevent the use of the most harmful of these programs in a way that cannot be bypassed by modifying the client.
  • Players were using alts either to afk farm or abuse events -> Thanks to a custom developed tool that allows us to quickly monitor users connection information, we can now sort out players that are abusing alts.
  • Classes were too imbalanced -> An often controversial theme since everyone has a different notion of “balance”. Regardless of that, by editing both gear and skills, we were able to correct some obvious unbalances which most players agreed upon, while at the same time gathering feedback on some other not-so-obvious changes that could be improved or reverted.
  • Few events and dead-zones with no events at all -> One of the last patches included an event overhaul where a number of new events where added while other existing ones were improved. Thanks to a custom event management system we were able to have a 24/7 event-complete schedule where events can be easily reprogrammed to any date and time without even requiring a server restart.
  • Some bugs and long-needed improvements were still missing -> A lot of minor enhancements and fixes were made such as: Adding more crafting options, adding missing NPCs, adjusting prices and rewards, including more items to the boutique and Frostburn Merchant, translating some missing texts, etc.


So, what now?

During 2.0 we were unfortunate enough to meet a lot of challenges which stalled general game development quite a lot. So a lot of the improvements and solutions outlined above took too much time until they were implemented. A lot of players who did not stay until the last updates were unable to enjoy the server, or at least make a fair assessment of what it had to offer.

This is why we wanted to finish some pending tasks that we had on hold (plus some other new ideas that came up along the way) and do a fresh start so we can hopefully, as some Discord players would say, “make Frostburn great again”.


A new beginning… for a time

When we transitioned from 1.0 to 2.0, we decided to do a complete database wipe, since there were too many incompatibilities between the gear/items used in both versions.

In this new version, let’s call it 2.1 for now, there are not so many “compatibility” problems, but we still wanted the advantages of having a fresh start where all players begin in the same conditions, can participate in events fairly, can forge new guilds, farm together, etc.

So we opted for a midpoint.

What we plan to do is ban all characters created before the 2.1 release date for about 2 months (UPDATE: Ban time has been drastically reduced. More info below). After the ban time is due, all toons from 2.0 will be available again just as they were before. All gear and items untouched.

Why 2 months? We believe its enough time for new players to find out about this re-launch, start playing and get to a point that would be competitive with 2.0 toons. We also wanted to provide enough incentive for old players to feel that it was worth starting a new character instead of just “waiting a couple of weeks”. In any case, the initial ban time is more of a guideline and can be either increased or reduced based on observations and feedback once 2.1 starts.


Is that it?

No, as previously mentioned, we have been working on some changes and additions which we believe will spice things up a bit, and make gameplay more interesting:

  • New “Head Bounty” system: Place a bounty on other player’s head
  • New custom automated trivia system: With thousands of validated questions
  • New custom “Shadow gear”, which has some interesting time-limit mechanics
  • New custom Frostburn runes
  • New farming and event quests
  • New ways to get R9r3 molds
  • New mounts and flyers
  • New and improved events

This is just a brief list of the most significant changes. There will also be a lot of other minor improvements and enhancements.


Release date

UPDATE: Release will be on Sunday, May 5th 2019 16hs server time (UTC -1). The server will be closed to the public sometime on May 4th until the release so we can finish all the needed preparations.

We are initially shooting for a release on May 4th/5th, but as we still have some things to finish doing, we might end up postponing it until the 10th.

We will be releasing more status updates in the days near the release.



Hope to see you soon online!