The best PvP ranking system for Perfect World

Today we are introducing a new feature that has been repeatedly requested by many players, a PvP ranking… or should I say THE PvP ranking, as it one of the most complete and detailed (if not the most) systems of all Perfect World servers.

You can access it from our main menu or by clicking here and it displays the following information:

  • Last week’s top character for each of this 3 categories:
    • Had the most kills
    • Had the best kill:death Ratio
    • Were the ‘Nemesis* of the most number of characters.
  • A table with the top 50 characters ranked by kill numbers, which can be sorted by any other metric.
  • A donut chart with a distribution by guilds of the characters, kills, deaths, and kill:death ratio
  • A donut chart with a distribution by classes of the characters, kills, deaths, and kill:death ratio
  • A search page to display detailed information about any character in the ranking
  • A ‘versus’ page to compare the performance metrics between any two given characters in the ranking.

Oh, and one last thing: all the information can be viewed by different time periods. By default, it will display the current month data, but you can also view past month, past week, yesterday, last 60 days, etc.

Hope you like it and have plenty of fun pvping with other players!

*Nemesis: For any given character, it’s nemesis is the character who has killed it the most times (e.g.: Jhon is Jane’s nemesis because Jhon has killed Jane more times than any other character).