A lot has been going on in the last 2-3 months so I thought it would be a good idea to make a summary of the most important changes and additions happening in the last 10 patch updates.

This might be useful for new players who want to know a little more about the server development history, as well as old players that might have been out of touch for a while and want to catch up with what’s been going on.

Anyhow, to the important stuff:

Top 10 changes and additions

  1. Nation Wars and Faction Base now available
  2. New EXP, SP and COIN rates (x10)
  3. New GM, Sol, who loves to entertain with great events
  4. New custom automated and GM based events
  5. New items and crafting options added to Frostburn Merchant
  6. Time zone changed to GMT -3
  7. Reduced Frostburn Merchant and Boutique prices significantly
  8. More Fire Shards Reputation, coin and EXP to almost all daily quests and caves.
  9. Chrono page, primordial blood and skill books drops increased significantly (other items too)
  10. Voting and online gold rewards increased

And finally, you can find a quick summary of the most important changes by patch so you can keep up to date:

Summary of the last 10 updates

  • Timezone changed to GMT -3
  • Cheap Nirvana Palace Keys
  • Quicksand Maze now gives coin, exp , reput and FS
  • Glacial blessing added to SoT and Abaddon
  • Added new mounts and fashion weapons to Boutique
  • Resurrection scroll cooldown reduced to 5 minutes

  • Improvements in Dragon Temple event
  • Trophy mode Hallucination re-enabled
  • Added pet skill books, Perfect Token of luck and Super Inv./Safe Stone to boutique

  • Glacial Blessing added to Quicksand Maze
  • Heavenfall Temple rewards improved significantly
  • Archo Inva drop reworked
  • Daily Sign in and Marriage quests rewards improved
  • More improvements to Dragon Temple event
  • Fix bug with TW mail delivery

  • Hotfix for possible Palace of Nirvana exploit

  • Added 3 new class based cave blessings for high level players
  • Added the blessings to Palace of Nirvana, Warsong City and Valley of Reciprocity
  • Warsong drops reworked and improved
  • Added Dragon Oath, and new Flyers to the Boutique
  • Frostburn Merchant added to all major cities of Celestial Vale

  • Nation Wars were enabled (with custom map size reduction)
  • Added a War Avatar dedicated tab with all War Avatar items, now including War Avatar Essence
  • Vitae from all daily quests (+ others) increased by a factor of 10
  • Vitae Pills can now be used 50 times per day instead of 10
  • Increased Flowsilver Palace and Palace of Nirvana drops
  • Added new mounts and fashion sets to the boutique

  • Faction Base enabled and improved
  • Ice shard chests spawn constantly all around Archosaur
  • Heavenfall Temple, TT, Nirvana Palace and Lunar glade rewards increased
  • Added blessing quests to Lightsail Cave
  • Greatly improved Jolly Old Jones daily quests
  • New daily time added to Dreamweaver Port invasion
  • New quests for Dreamweaver Port and Thousand Streams City invasions
  • Fire Shards added to all Celestial Vale initial quests
  • Improved Glacial Blessing and Speed of Fire blessings

  • Improved Nirvana G15 magical weapons by adding Purify Spell proc chance (+ others enhancements)
  • Added new item “Frostburn Token” that can be obtained from GM events and can be exchanged at the Frostburn Merchant
  • New daily event where “Frostburn Token Chests” appear outside Archosaur West and give “Frostburn Tokens” to the ones able to open them
  • Added new drop of Ice cluster to most event drops, that can be exchanged for 10 Ice Shards
  • Cube of fate rewards improved, including the COF letter runs
  • Phoenix Valley can now be done 3 times per day instead of only 1
  • Added new custom boss “Frostburn Rebel”

  • Doubled the EXP, SP and COIN rates from x5 to x10
  • Improved “Frostburn Token Chest” event and added a new schedule for it
  • Added 2 new custom bosses “Flame Rebel” and “Frost Rebel”
  • Territory War rewards doubled
  • Increased Voting and online gold rewards

  • Added Black cube of enlightment, Scroll of Tome and 10 million big note to Frostburn Merchant
  • War avatars price reduced by 50%
  • Territory Rew. Proof now gives 100 Ice Cluster instead of 50 Mirage Celestone
  • Added 2 new mini bosses: Flame Minion and Frost Minion
  • Spirit reward doubled for Primal World dailies
  • Frostburn Chest event reworked and improved


More exciting things still to come!