Server’s first moth celebration events

Starting from this Friday 17th, we will be having some special things to celebrate the first month of the server:

  • From Friday 17th at 00:00 until Sunday 19th 23:59 (server time) double drop rates and 10x EXP/SP will be activated.
  • During Saturday 18th afternoon there will be a special event where dungeon bosses (TT, Lunar, etc) will be spawned inside Archosaur. Time and other details will be known earlier this Saturday.
  • Facebook Raffle event, where you can participate and test your luck for a chance to win cubi gold. More info on our Facebook page.
  • St. Patrick’s screenshot contest is also available for players to post their best screenshots and win cubi gold.
  • Extra 30% gold recharge in all cubi packs, from Friday 17th 00:00 until Friday 24th 23:59.

By the way, in case you missed it, there have been a lot of changes in the server during these first weeks. Increased Fire and Ice Shards, reputation and exp rewards, new items and events, etc. For the complete details, check the patch notes forum topic.

Hope you enjoy the Frostburn celebration!