Perfect World Frostburn beta announcement

We are very pleased to announce that after months of hard work we are ready to give a start to the server beta period, that will last for about 10 days.

Why a beta? It is always a good idea to have a testing scenario that is as close to the real thing as possible before going live. The plan is that any possible bugs, issues, errors and such that may occur, happen during this time frame so we can then have a smooth transition to the final official server.

Furthermore, it is a good opportunity to discuss important general game changes and additions, work on your suggestions and define the initial official server characteristics, which may somewhat differ from the ones found in the information page.

To participate, you only have to register an account (registrations open soon!) and download the game client (download links coming soon!)

Beta characteristics

  • Launch date: February 10th 2017, 18:00 EST
  • Rates: The server will have higher rates than normal so that more of the game content can be covered during that period:
    • EXP/SP: 100x
    • Gold: 200x
    • Drop: 40x 100x
    • Quest EXP/SP/Gold: 10x
  • Initial cubi gold: 9999
  • Duration: The beta duration will last for around 10 days. This may be shorter or longer depending on things like: amount of work/changes required before official release, number of players, general opinion of players (wanting to extend or reduce the beta period), and other unforeseen reasons.
  • Ending: After the beta ends, all character data, guilds, cubi gold and everything else will be wiped, except for the game accounts (you will not need to register again).
  • Rewards: We really appreciate all of our early players for believing in us and helping us improve the server. There will be some special prizes that can be claimed after the official server launches:
    • Level reached based reward, where will be giving cubi gold depending on the level reached during the beta (more info here)
    • Bug bounty hunt, where cubi gold will be awarded to those who report unknown bugs and errors (more info here)
    • A custom unique in-game title will be given to all beta participants.


We hope to have a great server start with all of you, and don’t forget to follow us on our official social media for the latest news and information!